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  1. Not necessarily, just wanted a console that works without issues, i actually had posted positives of both models
  2. The disc drive noise issue happens every now and then not all the time, and the noise lasts for a minute
  3. PS5 bhakti paid off for you, don't write off other user's issue just because you don't face it
  4. Inventory given to them by scalpers, flipkart everyone knows it gave all their stocks to scalpers by cancelling user orders, i frankly have a bad taste because on my ps5 1000 model as i face this issue, wonder if the 1100A model fixes this
  5. The amount of stocks decreasing with each restock, youtubers saying only less than 400 stocks, maybe 100-200, my suspicions seem true, i got a 1000 model imported from oct 2021, how was that possible, sony globally ship 1100A model since july-aug 2021, but we still got the older model, i feel these restocks and flipkart not having any stocks is like they are just clearing the scalper stocks, that seems to be the logical reason why flipkart now not having any stocks.
  6. Fuk those mixed reviews, played this, bought the ultimate stunt edition for the DLC and my god the game is great, each car handles and turns differently depending on break stat the experience varies, and my god the use of PS5 adaptive triggers, it feels so good, till i probably get dirt 5 on ps+ next month I'd say this is the best use of adaptive triggers. And if it wasn't for sheer amount diverse racing and all round fun riders republic offers i'd say this is the best arcade racing only game, fuk those simcade bullshit [looking at you FH & grid legends] if you want arcade racing of highest quality on PS5 right now. Go get HotWheels unleashed or Riders Republic both won't disappoint and will offer experiences absolutely unique to those games.
  7. You shall buy and bless thy CX with the best Christmas gift it will receive. Sent from my SM-N975F using Tapatalk
  8. The level of detail and graphics are so damn good not juspt for an anime game but next gen AAA game. The BGM for the slave mines and the environment reminds me of star wars and yet it's so unique to this anime lore. The devs did an amazing job of making the game comfortable for those who aren't familiar with anime by making it just approachable to something they are familiar with. Yet the story and characters are unique and so anime you can't replicate this without having the anime setting. The most quality of life thing i love is the player indicator on map points to the place where my camera is facing but the torchlight on the indicator points where my character is looking. Wow just wow. Such an amazing feature i needed. Sent from my SM-N975F using Tapatalk
  9. Such an underrated game, it might seem to be a forza inspirant with freestyle sports, but if core free roam and world mechanic are put aside then still it's unique brand of racing, especially the large group races is a win for arcade racers staying arcade instead of doing simcade sh*t.
  10. Btw the graphics are just phenomenal, even for a PS5 I'm blown away, the particle effects are so good, so so good, action sequences in cutscenes which are animated still had dualsense rumble so it was really pleasant to be immersed in new ways with action, maybe this has been done before but it's a first for me as i never kept vibration on until i used the dualsense. If you own a oled or high end qled, then absolutely play this game, the story is engrossing and really a welcome change from regular typical games, the protagonists don't seem heroic from get go but feel everyday people like us who find themselves lead by their cause towards something greater. See so many particle effects on screen, from burning trees resembling the wildfire damages we see in real to burning lava or rivers of oil/fuel whatever that is, to anyone who is new to anime rpgs, it's a real treat on the eyes as it is in so many other departments. It might take two when it didn't even deserve one but This game on the other hand is fukin GOTY, it was a crime not including it in GOTY list if not downright GOTY just because it's anime.
  11. Started the game and made it to the first campsite before calling it a day, this is the first camp Alphen, Shionne and Zephyr set after escaping the mines, so now I'd like to ask where is this area, i explored prior areas but only found apple gal and some ore that i mined where the big golem thing was located.
  12. The people here need to honor it though, some phones have international warranty as well but here in india the service center people are asked by company to ignore it. Ah bummer
  13. You live in india or in another country? If in india then i'd like to ask about shipping, pricing, import duties and the risk of not getting warranty
  14. Yes did it now, go to FF7 PS4 Page in your library, open it, press the 3 dots view product, on next page click on 3 dots free upgrade for ps5 owners, press game and choose the 2nd game it will have the option add to library for ps plus members. When you click on it you will get the download button. I said this in detail as the first game option only shows add to wishlist option.
  15. Someone if you find PS4 or PS5 version of Assassins creed valhalla and immortals fenyx rising for around Rs.1800 or below New condition and from reputed sellers only then please tag me, i need them on disc as they are big and both their season passes are on high discounts on psn currently.
  16. That better have a arcade racing game in it, motorstorm !
  17. PSA, As roun90 said January sale is on and here are the pricing of this gem of a GOTY masterpiece Tales of arise ps4/ps5 standard - Rs.2799/- Tales of arise ps4/ps5 Deluxe - Rs.3989/- Tales of arise ps4/ps5 ultimate - Rs.4479/- For the prices best deals is ultimate and standard if you don't care for costume and some perks for game progress. Deluxe for the current offers is a needless buy.
  18. Yes got it yesterday along with a couple of other digitals, check what you bought thread, hope people here play some of those games on psn MP
  19. Just gonna clarify, if anyone sees my post on what i bought this week thread, don't think i was able to pay by my debit card, the ps store wasn't accepting my card and showed there was something wrong and i should enter card details again [even though they were correct] the card will expire next month but it still worked on game the shop as i had to go and buy psn wallet top up to actually pay for the games. So i guess RBI Policy is affecting Indian debit cards or some at least, sad that it worked a couple of years before. So if mods can make a thread later on showing which credit/debit cards are known working along with bank then I'd say it will help many users out, i don't have many cards so i ask mods, since people can just tell mods their card, type and bank privately and mods can add it to a list on a sticky thread.
  20. Went on a little digital spree And then our friendly neighborhood blue guy gave me a little housewarming[PS5] gift
  21. Wow congrats, Are they selling the sn850 with heatsink here with warranty ?
  22. NitroNeo

    Elden Ring

    There was DLC for dark souls 2 or 3 i think which was later included in a GOTY edition. When i buy this i don't wanna miss out on any of it's open world. The thing is buying seperate DLC for any game is costlier than a season pass so if anyone is gonna milk a product at least give a season oass edition. Considering it's a G.r.r. martin world i suspect there will be new idea of him added in form of DLC rather than a future sequel which would take years. Though if i get a steelbook edition of the game I'd get that than the boring standard version we have here sold by all ecomms Sent from my SM-N975F using Tapatalk
  23. Merry Christmas https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2021-12-20-ps-plus-owners-of-final-fantasy-7-remake-get-free-ps5-upgrade-this-week
  24. Well my one x is nearing 4 years. But you can't really forget RROD x360s. Back then i bought the xbox 360 arcade so missed that launch fiasco. Sent from my SM-N975F using Tapatalk
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