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  1. Yeah they were saying i have to keep the prebook number i given to them inside the phone for 2 days, why do they require such a procedure if i don't do it will i never be able to use calling function ?
  2. Need urgent reply from those who have pre-orderd samsung phones and taken the discounted product on offer or know anything about this with experience So we are getting galaxy buds with Note 10/10+ for 5k seems good to me, i inquired about how will i get them, the shop lady said i will have to install samsung app, login with a samsung account when i purchase my phone then i will see both watch and buds offer, i will have to choose buds and purchase it through it for the said app by paying with either credit/debit card/ net banking or paytm then enter my home address and the buds will be sent there, is this process legit or is this a scam, i don't get why they just don't give you them at store and confirming if you want the watch or buds beforehand.
  3. No price drop on note 9 as of yet it's stupidly selling at 68k still on official sammy stores and i don't know and trust jugad stores. Sent from my SM-N9208 using Tapatalk
  4. Are you talking about the hugely talked about sony wf-1000XM3 Sent from my SM-N9208 using Tapatalk
  5. Wow that's nice but like i said S-Series receives more love and care because it's a mainstream flagship and not a bit of niche like Note series, though i am really glad to see so many people here who like sammy nowadays than back in the where many here made fun of them. You both haven't tried galaxy buds, i frankly say they are on par with my Sennhiser m30s, the only area they need to work on is just hitting the sweet spot, but if i am going wireless I'll go for that but at a discount. Did anyone here use samsung u-flex bluetooth headset, since the buds are not a pre-order bonus i need some cheaper yet good alternative that should pause, previous/next track, pick up calls and increase/decrease volume. Brand doesn't matter, quality and non overpriced product does. preferably below 5k
  6. I don't care about the lack of a 3.5mm jack, but i do want a sturdy device who's internals don't die out randomly, i haven't bought a samsung flagship after my note 5 so i am looking for some assurance that they are not as bad with components failing like i said happened to myself, i especially notice that S-Series is more durable with parts than note series.
  7. You just highlighted the confusion in my head, isn't there a clear solution, apple not adapting to usb-c, smaller notch, isn't helping, but then again 5-6 years of support man that's great
  8. I have been a note user, Note 3 then Note 5 because i couldn't get the Note 7 in 2016 coz of it's fiasco. I do feel my phone experience to be complete with the S-pen like having a physical mouse on a laptop and not having it makes me feel like my hands are tied. Though the note series has had it's troubles as the note 3 MoBo went kaput within luckily the warranty period so i got it replaced, and on the day i purchased the Note 5 and updated it, it's bluetooth chip died and had to go through a tedious process to replace it. So can you give me some confidence that samsung has improved over the years and respects the money customers put in these premium phone. Also i am very confused between this and iphone 11 max, will it cost more than Rs.1.25 lakh, i hear it maybe made in india so can we get it below 1 lakh like US gets ? iOS seems way too innovative these days and supports their phones with latest stuff even after 3-4 years while with non google phones like sammy they doen't even care for the existence of their 1 year old flagships. Please need help fast as they are saying if i don't prebook now i wont get the first shipment of 23rd august and will be delayed after aug 31st
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