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  1. @hellblazer33 replying here to your PM question if i got my ps5 or not, since i was certain the PS5 stock is yet to arrive here, and correct me if I'm wrong the shipping date was given as Dec 15 by sony, so units will start reaching buyers after that. If there are any changes anyone here is aware of we'd get an answer here.
  2. I can't believe people are trying to play down a great futuristic tech demo on consoles and playing the FPS card, go buy a 1.20L 3070 build a PC around it taking cost around Rs.2.5L then buy a OLED TV, taking cost to around Rs.3.8L. Meanwhile let the console gang enjoy the fine peace of tech for around Rs.1.7L less than half you pay just for a 30FPS more. Optimization is a later part, and with this amazing engine I'm sure top studios will make 4k60 on consoles possible and PC might go to 4k120. So just enjoy the taste of future instead of finding faults in it. I can't believe people can find fault with this, only bad part in the demo is water in sea looks poor though they might not have wanted to give it importance
  3. These guys did a decent job of covering the walking segment and give you an idea of what to try until DF do their breakdown. There are lots of settings you can play with, try the fly mode, for 25GB it almost feels like a full game, if you add missions and some cutscenes and stretch the game to around 60-70GB, you get a very futuristic and something far better than any eye candy modern open world games. The last time something like this blew my mind and is going to release as a actual game is beyond good and evil 2.
  4. Wow is the combat action or some form of tap target ? Looks so good though, like diablo of the wild west
  5. Not a PC gamer, my specs are 6 year old 6700k and a GTX970, so it won't run well on the oled since i wanna experience the game in 4k. With PC I'll get 1080p on my monitor and in general with my specs, i love this game so don't mind buying full price, just need the new console and will buy a standard edition if we don't get GOTY, i only buy physical for the games i love, and if the purple boxart was available for this game, i'd have baught one already, the one that you see here has a generic boxart.
  6. I never said anything about RnC, i'm only saying tales of arise needs the GOTY nomination. P2 is every modern day american cartoon with a cheesy goth look. MS really forced it's games into the GOTY this year, P2 was damn well out of place, if not ToA then at least returnal needed to be in there. Maybe forza horizon 5 was a better GOTY nomination than P2.
  7. Idk who said this but it's just 80/100 critics and user score 7.7/10. Now i don't go by the numbers but i have it for a month now downloaded via game pass but somehow i don't get the urge to start it, maybe I'll give it a go soon. But the amount of stuff catered to anime fans and action combat fans in general makes tales of arise one of the best games of this gen. Now only if it gets a GOTY with DLC content then it would be swell. I am actually looking for the hootle edition of this game, but can't find it
  8. Lol ROFL, FF might be a good rival but it's a remake, so no new story told, dragon quest was a 2019 game, it's ok not even dragon quest fans regard it that highly. Tales of arise revamped the entire series, from a traditional JRPG catered to Japanese fans to being bold and risking alienation from series faithful, so as to expand to a modern diverse A-RPG loving audience, it does so well with tropes that make an anime charming while sucking in non anime gamers as well. High risk high reward was their endgame and they did it flawlessly. P2 was just another dead game rivival, and that too a typical american cartoonish one, the likes of many games shown off at TGA so as to cater to the domestic market. P2 was a case of oh look MS is doing good, look look look. Tales of arise is leagues better than that modern day goofy cartoon network kind of game.
  9. NitroNeo

    Elden Ring

    Sadly GOW might get delayed, the pandemic is still on going and growing, ER and starfield are complete and release dates are set in stone. I want GOW to win as well but don't want a rushed game. GOTY is too little for the current style of GOW, it should aim to be Game of this generation.
  10. Ratchet actually showed off a unique concept like the use of rifts which showcased what ps5 can do and the direction the series will take, P2 was a xbox studio game right ? What did it actually do unique that wasn't done on other platforms it released on !
  11. MHR had interesting mechanics added to it, like the Wirebug. It's a deadly system seller in japan, also game journos love their SMT, as for scarlet nexus, that felt like a niche anime rpg, it doesn't help that it has an anime airing with the exact same story which makes playing the game useless if someone just was there for the story. It essentially has the same result SMT has storywise. Tales of arise was brilliant already, i support the numerous anger around it not being GOTY candidate and instead of letting likes of a platformer like Psychonauts 2 wasting a nomination slot.
  12. NitroNeo

    Elden Ring

    If this ends up being 90+ on Metacritic and user reviews, i see this being next year's goty already, most other big games couldn't even get most anticipated game award for a single year, this got it two yrs in a row. Unless it's mediocre don't see startfiield or HFW winning it.
  13. Proper appreciation post They are thankful for the win
  14. Can look at this all day and night long, the games it leaves in shreds is sheer amazing, for those who don't really know how big defeating Monster Hunter and shin megumi is then, take my word for it, it's pretty huge, even though my pick was Tales of Arise i was sure MHR would win it. Damn way to leave me pleasantly full of joy. Gotta appreciate TGA still being mostly unbiased.
  15. https://www.pushsquare.com/news/2021/12/geoff-keighley-teases-four-or-five-elden-ring-calibre-showcases-for-the-game-awards
  16. Where the heck were those 4-5 elden ring level games ?????
  17. Will get the PS5 version, just waiting for the console, maybe they'll now drop a GOTY Edition with some better boxart than the standard edition
  18. RPG of the Year, so proud fuk fuk fuk
  19. NitroNeo

    Sonic Frontiers

    Genre - Open World Developer - Sonic Team Publisher - SEGA Platform - PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, Nintendo Switch Release Date - Holidays 2022 Trailer: Thread to be updated
  20. Would have preferred judement over mortal shell, at least would get to actually play how the ryu ga gotoku studio will take action combat with this series forward, their work on Yakuza LAD is brilliant.
  21. Bhai mai bhi join karu series x chal jayega. Sent from my SM-N975F using Tapatalk
  22. The easy difficulty works well in this game. Don't worry. Just play and enjoy if you are not up to apply strategies to kill the mechs due to time constraints Sent from my SM-N975F using Tapatalk
  23. Still i'm in queue btw at shopatsc, spamming complete order button for fun. One observation shopatsc queue is fake, if you reload it ps5 is out of your cart, i reloaded croma cart multiple times when it did not allow me to checkout by clicking on payment, still it never went out of cart. The queue in ShopatSC is to go into the cart then pay instead of the item firmly in cart and you wait to pay
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