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  1. Abzu at 70% off. Is this a good buy ?
  2. Nope different games. And I don't use the rest mode at all.
  3. So this is the 3rd time I experienced that my PS5 switched off randomly in middle of gaming session. Anyone who is facing this ? This is just a month old unit. And we usually play maximum for 1 - 1.5 hours at a stretch. Don't thing overheating is a problem.
  4. Not much into multiplayer. I wish we could own demo version before purchasing things.
  5. Wreckfest ps5 on sale. Anyone who owns this? Is this game fun?
  6. Just finished this game with my partner. Great game with amazing story line. Now looking for more such games.
  7. I really hope the components are of high quality and the hardware lasts really long ? Any idea how long PS4s lasted for folks without throwing any issues?
  8. Just got my PS5. Playing following: Astro - Unlocks true potential of dual sense. Star wars - Great cinematics. Loving it. A way out - A bit slow to start off. Slowing building up.
  9. Ps plus 3 months subscription at 50% off. 599/- only. Offer until 12th Feb I guess.
  10. Guys any shares which you consistently use for swing trading ?
  11. Any offers running on ps plus 1 year subscription?
  12. Desperate measure bro . Anyways i will chip in with cash too. If some one has specific use case for this well and good.
  13. Still available. Willing to trade this for ps5 controller.
  14. So if I buy this, I can Plat it takes two (among other titles) for 3 months?
  15. Sealed items can't be sold in FS threads. That's why posted here.
  16. Just this was delivered today. PS5 delivery showing up as 12 - 14th Feb.
  17. Folks, I have a sealed box of PS5 HD Cam. This arrived as a part of bundle today. However, I don't need this. Complete 12 months of warranty remaining. Local buyers (from Bengaluru) can PM me for details.
  18. General city usage and Hector / Slavia etc. won't go hand in hand. Do check out Nissan Kicks. Its a great product (marred by shitty marketing). You will be surprised by its turning radius. Bonus point - its a slow moving model and hence you can negotiate decent discounts.
  19. Your usage will define what car would suit you. Car usage ? (General city runs or highway usage or mix of both) Usual seating ? (2 ppl or 4) As @SuperT suggested, once you are used to VAG cars, its difficult to adjust to cars from different stable.
  20. Actually on Amazon, I could select just the camera and hit cancel. However, I got a message that they can't cancel camera as its in dispatch stage. It mentions that I can return it or not accept it. The delivery date of cam is 20th Jan. However, for PS5 its 12 - 14 Feb. My question is, if I return the camera, will the PS5 get cancelled ? Any idea folks ?
  21. Got the HD bundle one. I must have added the damn thing to cart at least 4 - 5 times but it kept getting OOS. Finally, the 6th try went through. Anyone willing to buy the HD camera ? On a side note, who ever has ordered bundle before, has managed to cancel the Camera while keeping the PS5 order active ?
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