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  1. realsoccerdude111 left Positive feedback for a topic   

    [FS] Xbox 360 Power Supply Unit
    Good patient guy.very good communication.recieved payment on time

    gpt was The Buyer

  2. xoceter left Positive feedback   

    good buyer. prompt payment.

    gpt was The Buyer

  3. Assassins Creed left Positive feedback   

    Great Buyer... Super fast payment

    gpt was The Buyer

  4. Chaztin left Positive feedback   

    Very Very Nice buyer. Really Very quick payment.

    gpt was The Buyer

  5. [email protected] left Positive feedback   

    Great buyer to deal with, prompt payment....Highly recommeded.

    gpt was The Buyer

  6. AtheK left Positive feedback   

    Great Buyer very very patient we had a major goof up with courier but the guy was very calm. Totally recommended

    gpt was The Buyer

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