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Found 2 results

  1. After a tedious debugging session with a friend, i figured that the motherboard was the main issue. When i short the power pins, all fans spin but NO POST, no light to peripherals and chassis and no display. I do have a service center of ASUS in my city, but they said they dont handle out of warranty products. What does one usually do with a malfunctioning motherboard ? my specs: Assembly Date: 11 April 2018 i5-8400 CPU ASUS B360M-K Motherboard ZOTAC 1060 6gb amp GPU Corsair RM550x PSU Corsair 8x2 2400hz RAM I dont wana buy a new motherboard which i wont be using for long. Asus PRIME-H310M-E at Rs 5500 looks like to be the cheapest decent option atm. Im making my mind to sell the rest of the parts at this point. Will it be very difficult to sell the pc without a working motherboard? Location is Surat, Gujarat.
  2. Greetings from Gtek Pune, We are System Integrators based out of Pune who deal in customized IT solutions, be it workstations, gaming PCs, parts and much more! We are here to be a part of this awesome community and help you with all your PC related requirements, we'll be offering some exclusive deals to the members of this community so keep watching this space for more information! p.s. One of the community members by the name of @harjas works with us and that's how we came to know about IVG With that being said, hope to have some great conversations with you all. *Please note we do not have any e-commerce site as of now(currently in pipeline) therefore our payment methods are limited to Bank Transfers/ UPI.*
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