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  1. The new season starts in about ~2.5 months. I've been following pretty much every tournament thread made here related to FIFA and have noticed there has been a big drop for last 2 years. Sadly I never took part due to a different platform. That said, there are still many regular FIFA players here and I would like to take this as an opportunity to gather everyone and have some good regular FIFA sessions. Friendly, co-op, online, trading, tournaments, etc, you name it. Special thanks to @Stevie G for making all those awesome tournaments. Also props to every player who took part over the years. DEMO version will be available some weeks before game release. The game launches officially on September 29, 2017 (Friday). Special early access (27th full game access) if you pre-order Ronaldo Edition or have EA access (10 hours). Kick-off: Share your PSN ID if you are picking up FIFA 18. Share your preferred play timings. Weekdays & weekends. Share your most preferred modes. 1v1, co-op, seasons, FUT exclusive, etc. Interested in taking part in tournaments/seasons? Do you play FUT? Rules: Everything is for fun. Win or lose, please don't be a jack arse and ruin it for everyone. If you take part in any tournament/season, please be active and play your matches. If you cannot finish your matches, then please inform beforehand or try to finish it during week matchday. Plans: Knockout Fridays -> friendly assorted tournaments. Chill Saturdays -> focus on the season (normal/FUT). Given most of them are free during Saturday than Sunday. If not, will move it to Sunday. Super Sundays -> focus on the major cup and if you have missed any matchday, feel free to play it on Sundays. October (6/10 till 8/10 - Friday until Sunday) - A small kick-off friendly knockout based tournament. This is just to get things started with FIFA 18. October 20/10 (should be enough time for every player to get their copies) - Season kick-off. The last matchday will be decided based on the number of players take part in. 20 players max. November 10/10 - Champions Glory. More details soon. This will be held on Sundays. FUT and other modes will be held according to the player count and interest. A follow up with LaughOrDie league (if Stevie or Bharat aren't around, I'll make a thread with permission). If not, a new league will be formed with a new set of rules and prizes. No rules or have your own rules for friendly games. Feel free to add anyone and have fun playing. If you have any ideas for tournaments and stuff, feel free to share. Let the good times roll.
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