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Found 5 results

  1. Shadoken

    Sonic Racing

    Developer : Sumo Digital Publisher : Sega Platforms : PS4/XB1/PC/Switch Genre : Kart Racing Release Date : 2019
  2. Shadoken

    Gran Turismo Sport

    Developers Polyphony Digital Platforms Playstation VR,PS4 Release Nov 2016 Genre Driving Simulator
  3. Gamingclan

    Virtual Gaming Lounge

    Hi Gamers, We are planning to launch first of its kind Virtual Gaming Lounge for gamers who wants to experience high end gaming at his/her own couch. Play AAA titles at highest quality without the need of high-end gaming rig or owning the title. System requirements: Internet Bandwidth of 10-20 Mbps Windows/MAC Desktop or Laptop: Minimum CPU: Core 2 Duo or better GPU: Intel GMA 950 / NVIDIA 6000 series / AMD Radeon X1000 series or better with latest graphics drivers Memory: 4GB DDR3 Gamepad recommended Recommended CPU: Intel Core i5 or better GPU: Intel HD 4000 / NVIDIA 200 series / AMD 6000 series or better with latest Crimson graphics drivers Memory: 8GB DDR3 Gamepad recommended Android Tablet/Phone 6.0 or above We are planning to provide free lounge session for some popular sports and racing titles. Please RSVP to receive invite. Cheers Gamingclan Team
  4. Walker

    Driveclub Grand Prix

    Welcome to Driveclub GP Driveclub Grand Prix is a 10 week event that will take place over the course of the ten weekends starting August 12th and ending October 14th. Each weekend will have 2 races, so that’s 20 races over the course of next 10 weekends. Weekend 1 - 12th August Weekend 2 - 19th August Weekend 3 - 26th August Weekend 4 - 2nd September Weekend 5 - 9th September Point System Rules Requirements To register post your PSN ID in this thread. Participants PSN ID's rileysnotz itsFIGJAM FUNanywhere adityachatu22 GameRXPacifieR scuderia_tifosi maverick_989 aman_is_here Imafia97 HE_MAN843 ducktales Thanks to @hopefor helping out with setting this up. He'll be in charge of maintaining the scoreboard.
  5. aki_jazz


    CAN YOU SURVIVE THE DISTANCE? Developers: REFRACT (Indie Studio) Genre: Racing Platform: PS4 (so far) Amazing you can control a car which can Boost, Jump, Rotate and even FLY! It's a survival racing game. It's got Online Multiplayer Split Screen Sprint Mode Challenge Mode Reverse Tag Mode Stunt Mode Adventure Mode As mentioned in the trailer below: Check out the announcement trailer below: It seems like Wipeout with more car models to me and looks awesome! rest we'll see when the game releases! Thank you!