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YOUTUBE not working in ps3

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i use ps3 browser often to watch youtube videos as it comes handy whenever my computer is not working . untill yesterday i was able to watch videos in youtube through ps3 browser , but today it tells me to upgrade my flash player WTF! and If you try to play a video on the standard YouTube web site, on the PlayStation 3 (PS3), you get the "Go upgrade!" message - how RUDE! On YouTube XL, you can play a video, except NOT the one you picked!!! No, I'm not joking; if you play a video from the default list (Videos, Spotlight), it only plays "What Kind of Planet Are We On?". Well I'll answer that question! We appear to be on a planet where Google is quite happy to see YouTube go to the dogs, never mind the damage this does to Google's reputaiton. If I buy a Google phone, is this the level of quality assurance I should expect??? Also today, they've decided to replace the good looking and usable "Add to QuckList" button (was the '+' in the bottom left corner of the video), with a stupid popup menu that appears over t

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