Bethesda announces Battlecry, a free-to-play, third-person multiplayer combat game

There are some great free-to-play multiplayer shooters on the PC platform – Team Fortress 2 and Loadout, just to name a couple – but Bethesda’s foray into F2P multiplayer is a little different.


Battlecry is all about gory, third-person combat, except that the game has almost no guns, instead focussing on melee combat and ‘transformative’ long-ranged weapons.

The 32-player game mixes the team-based strategy of multiplayer shooters, with combo systems and grappling and evasion moves that are more commonly found in brawlers.

Battlecry is set in a world without open wars, and where conflict is settled in concentrated WarZones to maintain peace. Another unique aspect of the game is the complete lack of gunpowder, which means no guns and no explosives.

battlecry-003One of Battlecry’s WarZones

Instead, Battlecry’s unique arsenal of weapons include ‘swords that transform into shields, bows that can punch an arrow straight through an armored skull’ or high powered blades crackling with electro-static energy to electrocute your foes with.

The game’s visuals, while gory, bear a colourful, cel-shaded style similar to Team Fortress 2.

Battlecry is set for release in 2015 for PC. Check out the reveal trailer below.

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