Dark Souls director contemplating easier mode

Dark Souls, the nefariously ball busting game by From Software could get an easy mode in the near future so more people can experience it. During a recent interview with Metro, game director Hidetaka Miyazaki said he was kind of bummed out at the reputation their franchise has garnered over the years. It seems the team’s aim was not to scare away potential players, instead giving them a “satisfying” challenge as opposed to a walk in the park most RPGs tend to become after your character hits Lvl. 10.

From my limited time with Dark Souls, I don’t really seem to have a problem with the “difficulty” per say. My biggest gripes were the respawning enemies and the lack of any explanation regarding the game’s mechanics. I’m not saying any game should spoon-feed the player but Dark Souls takes ambiguity to a whole new level.

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