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EA commissions Battlefield developer to work on newly acquired Star Wars franchise

EA has commissioned Battlefield developer, DICE to work on their newly acquired Star Wars franchise. To do so, DICE has set up shop in downtown Los Angeles, the very same city that just so happens to be the home of their biggest rival, Activision. Coincidence? We think not.


DICE’s general manager Karl-Magnus Troedsson said he and his team were elated to work on this iconic franchise, but beyond that, we have no idea what they have in the pipelines. Whatever their games is, it will be made using DICE’s Frostbite 3 engine, the very same engine powering Battlefield 4 as well as yet to be announced titles from BioWare and Visceral. At this point, we’re not sure if both BioWare and Visceral are working on the Star Wars IP, or sequels to their respective franchises.

We expect at least some sort of Star Wars related announcement to be made at E3 2013, so stay tuned.

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