Hitman 2 gets tropical themed DLC

Hitman 2's final batch of DLC transports players to Maldives for one final mission.

Hitman 2 is all set to receive its final batch of DLC in the form of a brand new tropical themed level called Haven Island across Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Set in the Maldives, this mission takes place immediately after the Milton-Fitzpatrick bank in New York, and will transport players to a tropical paradise where they must eliminate three targets. As with most Hitman levels, Haven Island will ship with over 75 new challenges, 20 Levels of Location Mastery, 5 new Location Mastery unlocks and 7 new trophies/achievements to earn.

Hitman 2’s Haven Island DLC will be released as part of the game’s expansion pass, but you’ll also be able to purchase this mission separately – just like you could with older levels.

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