Konami announces PES 2013

Konami today released the first trailer for PES 2013, the next installment in its long running football franchise, set for release later this year on Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Wii, 3DS, PS2 and PSP, but not on PS Vita.

The trailer features cover star Christiano Ronaldo and highlights many of the game’s new headlining features that take into account feedback from the PES fan community. These include PES FullControl, designed to give the player complete ball control. Dynamic first touch will allow players to use the R2 button for different ways of receiving passes and traps, including stopping the ball dead and using the pace of the ball. In addition to manual passing, the game will also feature manual shooting, allowing players to determine the strength, direction and height of a shot on goal.

Dribbling speed has been reduced to make the game’s pace more realistic. Here again, holding R2 will give the player more dribbling options to take full advantage of the 360-degree dribbling.

Defending has also been fine-tuned, with new button configurations allowing for various kinds of tackles. Goalkeeping, an area that has been criticised in past games, will receive a lot of attention, with new goalkeeper animations and play styles included. Players will now also be able to regulate the power of the goalkeeper’s throws and kicks.

One of PES’ hallmarks over the years has been its ability to accurately represent real-life players, and that area receives renewed attention in PES 2013. With Player ID, top players will be faithfully recreated, down to their playing styles, their running animations, and even their celebrations.

PES 2013 is set for release in autumn, which means we should once again see a September release. The game will be released in India via Origin Games.

Here’s the launch trailer for PES 2013

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