Message in a Bottle – from Andrew Ryan

icon_news1Our very own HundredProofSam‘s brother went all the way to Bondi Beach (yep – the one down under) at the ungodly hour of 6 am. Reason – the hunt for a missing daughter. Some of you may have noticed Bioshock 2’s marketing campaigns have centered around the search for missing girls – this includes scrawls of Big Mommy, and the very disturbing plushy with a corkscrew. The latest in this saga has been a memo from the fictional Mark Meltzer asking for help in covering various beaches at sunrise around the world.

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Numerous bottles had been placed in ten selected beaches around the world on August 8th, and each contained a glimpse into the life of Rapture – the underwater Utopia designed by Andrew Ryan. What do we learn about life in Rapture from these messages from the past?

The bottles are from Worley Winery and packaged in 1958. I say Merlot is a good choice – white wine would never help with the underwater pressure. Some flyers indicate a hiring drive – Mr. Ryan obviously didn’t worry about recession and budget cuts. He also misrepresented Rapture as a city built on the principles of Free Enterprise, Total Independence, and Absolute Creative Freedom. (We all know how that turned out – here’s looking at you Dr. Steinman).

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And of course, plasmids have been used as before to entice people to join Rapture. But isn’t it disturbing that a city built on such lofty ideals would encourage people to use the Decoy plasmid for a base pastime like dating? Me thinks that was the reason for the downfall of Rapture – with great power didn’t come great responsibility.

This marketing campaign is one of the most innovative to come out in a long long time – I hope they continue this trend till the game finally comes out. Just don’t let there be delays ok? Else I have a special plasmid of my own – it’s called Diatribe.

More images, from Bondi and the messages in the bottle below

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