Quicktequila’s abstract FPS Lovely Planet hits Steam on 1st August

Lovely Planet isn’t your average first-person shooter.


Developed by Quicktequila aka Vidhvat Madan, the 3D FPS has received a lot of attention for its colourful and abstract approach to the popular genre, and you’ll be able to get your hands on it within a few days.

Lovely Planet’s levels are comprised of soft colours and abstract shapes, with gameplay involving lots of jumping and shooting at papercraft-styled enemies with what resembles a gun fashioned out of balloons.


There’s also lots of Japanese typography used within the game, but we’re not quite sure whether there’s a story being told there or if it’s just for aesthetic effect.

Watching the game in action is probably the only way to convey how this all comes together, so check out the gameplay trailer.

Lovely Planet will release on Steam on 1st August, but it isn’t up for preorder yet so no price has been listed.

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