Resident Evil 5 sets franchise record, sells 5 million

icon_news1Capcom recently revealed record Q1 profits, up 23% from last year for the three months ended June 30. Setting a record for the Resident Evil franchise, RE5 has now shipped 5 million copies worldwide, the company revealed. Another strong performer has been Monster Hunter Freedom Unit for PSP, shipping 3.5 million copies in Japan alone.

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Other titles that contributed to Capcom’s stellar Q1 results were Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth and Sengoku Basara Battle Heroes for the DS and PSP respectively.

Freedom Unite, however, is said to have performed weakly outside Japan, although no figures were released. Another title that “underperformed its projected sales” was Bionic Commando, which was targeted primarily at Western audiences, selling 5,50,000 copies. Here at IVG, We didn’t think the game was that bad. Our review here.

Looking ahead, Capcom expects Dark Void, which was recently pushed back to 2010, to move 2 million units at release, and the publisher predicts 2.7 million in sales for Lost Planet 2, another 2010 release.

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