Steam summer sale begins

It’s that time of the year again, when PC gamers rejoice in the ridiculously low prices brought on by a Steam sale.


The summer sale is underway now and will continue till 30th June, offering discounts on an array of games and game collections, from indie to triple-A.

Like every Steam sale, there will be daily deals, which will include a set of games that will be available at special discounted prices for a period of 24 hours.

Then there are the flash sales – four discounted games that are replaced with new ones every eight hours.

Lastly, there are community picks. Here, Steam users get to vote from a set of games that they’d like to see on discount.

Also like all Steam sales, you’ll earn summer sale trading cards for your purchases and community votes, which you can sell in the marketplace or collect them all to craft the summer sale badge.

Be sure to check Steam every night at 10:30 pm IST for new daily deals, and also for the flash sales, which are refreshed every eight hours.

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