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Total War Saga: Troy announced

Experience the next chapter in the Total War series.

Sega has just announced the latest entry in the Total War series titled Total War Saga: Troy.

As the name suggests, this game will take place in ancient Greece, during the Trojan War between the Greeks and the Trojans – allowing players to experience the conflict from both sides. You could choose to experience the events as they unfolded, or rewrite the history books through your actions. Like previous games in this series, you won’t only be diving into battles; you’ll have to manage economies, be diplomatic with your political actions and manage your people.

Total War Saga: Troy will retain the same turn-based, management style of gaming this series is best know for, and will release sometime in 2020 for Windows. Post the Windows release, the game will also make its way to macOS and Linux.

The game is currently listed on Steam, with no price or release date accompanying it.

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