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  1. So you login to ishopinternational. Go to request quote option. Send them the link, weight, qty, Dimensions etc and they will mail you the final price. You can pay via bank transfer too
  2. *Temporarily. Once sales improve we will reactivate Micro Transactions
  3. Use ishopinternational or some other website. You will have to pay duties though
  4. Lol in the history of most Downvotes on reddit. EA has taken over!
  5. Bro. Let me clear it for you. 1) XBOX Service - XBOX Gold with BC games (No extra charge) with multiplayer, EA Access 2) Sony Service - PS Plus for Multiplayer, PS Now(Extra Charge to play BC games), PS Vue etc.
  6. He was talking about God of War.
  7. GT means Gamertag. I guess
  8. What's your gamertag? Will add you on Xbox. Eventhough I sold my Xbox one. Will be getting one x in few months.
  9. Did you get a review unit or bought one. Did you import?
  10. Predator Helios 300. But it costs 70k plus
  11. Ya GRP 2 left. Saala have cleared grp 1 but grp 2.....well this time I am prepared
  12. Will contact you after 17th. Have exams coming up tomorrow.