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  1. I agree. That's why I recommend LG 43uj752t However people might want to get 55 inch TV for this price. Plus not many people use 4k everytime.
  2. Btw if anyone is interested. VU 55 inch TV is on sale for 55k on flipkart. 4K with Pixellight HDR
  3. If you are spending that much amount then why not buy LG 43UJ752T 4K TV for 65k. On Amazon and Paytm it's available for that price with latest features like Dolby Vision HDR10 etc.
  4. I don't know who that person is but I can tell you that I agree with him. Not totally but to some extent. The graphics sucks compared to bf1. I also hate the fact that if I run I cannot run continuously. Which sucks.
  5. Season pass of star wars Battlefront is free on PS4 store, Xbox Store and Origin Store. If anyone has that game should get it asap.
  6. Season pass of star wars Battlefront is free on PS4 store. If anyone has that game should get it asap.
  7. I might buy Xbox one x. Not sure when. But I am upgrading to pro once I sell my standard ps4
  8. I agree. But what I feel is not necessary that govt also does. PC components prices are unfortunate in India. USA has much better priced components.
  9. Waste release. November Xbox one x is released so cost of this is too high for Indian market. In USA this is being sold for 199$. Which roughly translates to 13000. Xbox one x hi launch karna chahiye tha unko. Advance mein Govt testing karke. Our govt has few rules that imported electronics must be stress tested so that consumer doesn't have problems. That's why there was a delay for Xbox one s to be launched.
  10. 25k seems like a good price but do note 1070 costs much more due to mining otherwise it costs 5k more ideally. So you may seize the opportunity of charging him atleast 30k for the same. Else 25k is also not bad. Had the mining were not in place.
  11. If I can use raspberry pi 3 then that would be my best bet. Don't want to spend for new hardware.
  12. I have raspberry pi3.
  13. Any suggestions? I need iptv for my mom.