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  1. Taking PS4 abroad from India

    Dayumm.indeed a brilliant idea. How come I never thought about this? Thanks guys. This might just work Sent from my Moto G (4) using Tapatalk
  2. Taking PS4 abroad from India

    Thanks guys for the insight. Probably may not take it all. While packing over the weekend I I realised that Check in luggage is full with other stuff. Also I may not even have much time for it. So all in all. Reconsidering the whole idea Sent from my Moto G (4) using Tapatalk
  3. Taking PS4 abroad from India

    Not sure if this is the right section to post this. I basically am moving abroad for a couple of years to pursue my masters. Was thinking of carrying my PS4 with me. Firstly how do I carry it? I was thinking of carrying it as cabin luggage along with my laptop bag. But the console won't fit inside my rucksack. So how do you guys suggest I carry it? Otherwise would it be safe to put it in check in luggage? Secondly will there be any customs issue if I do so? P.S. I'm travelling to Stockholm. And my PS4 is the standard One not the slim one Any suggestions would be appreciated. Hopefully those who've done it before will be able to help me out here. Sent from my Moto G (4) using Tapatalk
  4. Dark Souls

    on the dark souls wiki i found this. Name (Damage Defense Stat Bonuses Materials Cost Souls Quelaag's Furysword +0) 60/0/170/0 45/10/30/30 E/B/-/- - - It does scale on dex plus fire damage.
  5. Dark Souls

    Thinking of Crafting Quelaag's furysword. Worth the effort and investment ?
  6. Dark Souls

    Thanks for all your inputs, will try out quality builds. Will first focus on bringing dex upto atleast 35, after which I will increase my STR a bit. P.S. just started the game with a new character to try out faith /DEX or Faith/STR build and I must say that it does become easier on successive playthroughs.
  7. Dark Souls

    Yea actually have been itching to give high STR weapons a go too. The move set of any weapon is the ultimate deciding factor for me. Uchigatana has been great in this regard, have been using it since undead parish. Plus its bleed effect is definitely a plus point. And yea my high endurance certainly helps a lot.With the current build, my only regret is that i wouldn't be able to try out miracles especially stuff like lightning spear, sunlight blade etc.
  8. Dark Souls

    Ah thanks! Yep, thats what I thought too. I would have loved to have a go at NG+ and PvP, but unfortunately can't do any online play. Will be looking forward to that in Dark souls 2. And yeah I know that 40 is kinda the soft cap for any stat, so wouldn't be crossing that before equally investing in other stats too. A friend of mine recommended me to invest in STR since I already have some points in it. That could potentially give me the option of wielding High STR weapons too just in case I feel like doing so, but i don't see the point since I'm pretty sure ill be sticking to the Uchi, scythe or a dex weapon.
  9. Dark Souls

    hey guys need some quick help. I'm at level 64 and around halfway through the painted world of Ariamis and Anor Londo remains to be conquered. These are my current attributes. Vit-21 Att-10 end-36 str-20 dex-29 res-11 int-10 faith-9 I know i screwed up and put unnecessary points in str. I want to keep dex as my primary attribute. Suddenly feel like doing a faith dex build. In the current scenario is that possible? Otherwise what other alternatives do I have ? Oh and i'm currently using uchigatan +10 and also have the Iaito. Sometimes I tend to use the lightning spear. But end game, I intend on using the great Scythe. i'm not gonna be doing PvP. Any suggestions would be appreciated
  10. Protect PS4 from power cuts and surge.

    Guys , thinking of using this UPS with my ps4 . http://www.amazon.in/Microteck-Heritage-Gold-625-Protection/dp/B017KQVMSU Would this suffice? Its 625 VA How much backup time can i expect?
  11. PSN login fail but internet is accessible

    That might be tough to figure out. at least if you aren't able to log onto psn, you get an error code. Try forwarding ports on your router. Which servers? EA?
  12. PSN login fail but internet is accessible

    Finally got it to work!! Thanks for the tip. I googled the error code. All I had to do was change the MTU to 1473. Sent from my XT1033 using Tapatalk
  13. PSN login fail but internet is accessible

    Nope still not working. I think i will try plugging in the broadband instead of using wifi surprisingly i can access the ps store. Its just that i can't play anything online, because i can't sign into psn.
  14. PSN login fail but internet is accessible

    Tried this too. Didn't work Sent from my XT1033 using Tapatalk
  15. Guys i am facing a very peculiar problem. I'm able to access internet on the ps4 but unable to sign in into the PSN. I recently got a new BSNL broadband with netis WF2411E router. I read somewhere that i should change my security encryption settings to TKIP from AES. But unfortunately, I can't do so. I can only choose WPA/WPA2-PSK or WEP or none. By default it was set as WPA/WPA2-PSK with encryption type as TKIP & AES. I cant choose one among them. I'm able to sign in into PSN using my 4G Dongle. How can i resolve this?