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  1. Lol , at least you paid only 350 , I had paid 11800 . I'm more stupid
  2. Yeah my bad. I'm the one to be blamed. And the funny part that guy still posts ads in quikr ! I even complained to quikr about this but they only remove the ad and not the user so he reposts again .
  3. Well, I had transferred amount to his account directly and he didn't respond once he got his money back. Cyber crime complaint is in action and his bank account has been blocked. But he has only 7k though I had transferred 12k (including courier !)
  4. Yes , even I saw that. Actually it was for Rs. 8999 during the Dec sale in flip kart along with SBI 10% cashback. I could have got it for 8k !! But I decided not to as I had paid a quikr seller for the PS3 who eventually fooled me.
  5. Yes think I'll be doing that only , thanks everyone.
  6. Hmmm , guess I'll just wait for a better local offer because I don't want to end up paying a huge amount as import tax.
  7. Yup it was my first option and also they givr 2 years warranty . But I got some bad reviews from people who had bought PS3 from there. Haven't visited the store yet.
  8. But I'm not able to find any on IVG at the moment. And most PS3 sold in quikr/ olx are priced high. I've also come across a fraud seller in Quikr, which is a different story If I request an eBay seller to send it as a gift can I escape the import? Any suggestions ppl...
  9. Thanks for your reply. Pretty confused as one of my frnd told me that importing electronics can cost even 200% import tax at times and he has experienced it for a iPhone. Can it happen for a PS3 also ?
  10. Hi, I'd like to buy a used PS3 from the US or maybe UK and I'd like to know if it is really worth the hassle. Also how much import tax would it attract here in India, for a PS3 I buy for say $80. Kindly suggest . Thanks