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  1. Protect PS4 from power cuts and surge.

    But bro I have all new apc ups 1 month old and no problem on pc only ps4 shutting down, maybe 1 out of every 30 fluctuations or more Only ps4 is connected You also reported the same issue sometime back, can you please tell me more what was it and how it got solved?
  2. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    How many dlc game of the year edition has? Seller saying it has 2 If I use these 2 and want to sell game later, then how the new buyer will get used dlc?
  3. Protect PS4 from power cuts and surge.

    hi you are active on forum , can you please tell me about solution , its happening with me , my 1.5 month old ps4 slim has been shut off around 20 times already and i am scared it might die soon
  4. Protect PS4 from power cuts and surge.

    exact same problem man , what is the solution please ?? even APC 600 BX NOT WORKING ,it shuts down not in each fluctuation which happens at my home but out of every 20-25 fluctuation one kills my ps4 , only ps4 slim attached to it nothing else please somebody please answer this