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  1. Dark1211


    Did anyone get the First-Press Limited Edition from playasia? i was thinking to import but shipping charges are 2000 and then it may attract additional customs. any better option?
  2. yes most dlcs do work but some are not working. for example, FFXV or Dark souls 3.
  3. am having some issue with US account and needed your input guys. So i have a US account as primary and all my games are there but now some physical games are coming with DLC codes that work with indian account only and do not get shared to other logged in accounts. Final fantasy XV Royal edition for example. i rarely buy digital stuff and prefer physical games only. what should i do. should i switch to Indian PSN? is it better now? i can't maintain 2 accounts as i have a vita as well and it doesn't support multiple logins and i really want those trophies. TIA
  4. so currently games like Uncharted lost legacy are going for 1900 and persona 5 for 3000 in local grey market. I was wondering how do they get the games so cheap? are they dodging customs? are there better ways to import than playasia or Amazon.com?
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