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just ordered mass effect decpetion from them...actually previosuly ti was known as coinjoos.com....but now i believe it comes under Homeshop18...anyways the thing i think they are really good ...pricing is excellent..book goes for Rs 350 on flipkart...and even on amazon it goes around that but i got it for just Rs 274...


I also find packaging very well done even better than flipkart ...still though not like flipkart packaging is bad...just that homeshop18 does it even better ...


one thing to note though...when i order the book it was in stock...then i got a message saying they have failed in getting it and that book went out of stock but i checked again on their site and it still showed instock..and i ordered again....so now i ended up placing order for same book twice...anyways i called up twice to cancel the book ...they told me that they will cancel it but incase i do get the second book ..i should refuse to take it...so i believe they are bit unorganized here...i mean the online site and customer support is not well integrated...still they were polite and nice about it...


so my opinion- overall great pricing ..awesome packaging...bit unorganized...

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iska bhi coupons hai?? :O..


hai kisi ke paas abhi??

ya 200 off 1000 , 400 of 2500 like that




right now there is no copoun ..


check that site regularly for copouns of various sites :)

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