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Genre: Third-Person Shooter

Publisher: 5th Cell

Developer: 5th Cell

Release Date: Q2 2012

Platform: XBLA


Hybrid is set in the post-apocalyptic year 2031, after an extinction-level asteroid collided with Earth wiping out billons. A single-celled alien bacterium buried deep within the asteroid spread into the atmosphere, infecting half of the survivors and turning them into the Variant, a genetically altered race. Six years later the Variant began a new world order and waged a massive global war against the immune populace, known as the Paladin.

Featuring a persistent online world war, Hybrid allows gamers to play online with friends and hundreds of thousands of other players across a single, unified world server. Players can choose a hero from one of two factions, the Variant or the Paladin, as they level up to unlock upgrades, abilities, armor, weapons, and more to aid their faction in capturing territories and countries, leading to global domination.


The Beta sign up is ongoing.

























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I like the developers enough to be interested but the fact that this is online dependent means there is like a 80% chance its gonna be a waste of money to buy it since hardly anyone else will. XBLA just doesnt seem to work for MP shooters, most of them end up being DOA a week after release. Look at Nexuiz, Gotham City imposters, Section 8 etc etc.


Only exception was BF1943.

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Got the closed beta keys but its for US accounts only. wallbash.gif


So if anyone has a gold Live account set to North america and are interested in trying this out send me a PM.

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