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Sony WorldWide Studio's Upcoming Games

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First Party - Own and funded by the Company who owns the console


Second Party - Own independently but works and funded exclusively with a specific console manufacturer


Third Party - Independently owned companies that make exclusive titles for console without the aid from one of the console companies. (they can make cross-platform too but must have exclusives to be considered third party.


Fourth Party - This would be the same as Third Party except no exclusives.



Development studio - game title


LEVEL 5 - White Knight Chronicles

Previous games - Dark cloud, Rogue galaxy, Dragon quest 8

Dev rating - 8.5


SOE -The Agency

Previous games - Everquest, Star war galaxies

Dev rating - 5


Team SOHO-The Getaway 3

Previous games - Getaway series, Gangs of London

Dev rating - 5


Team ICO- untitled project

Previous games - ICO, Shadow of the Collusus

Dev rating - 9


Naughty Dog -Jak4, Uncharted 2

Previous games - Crash series, Jak series.

Dev rating - 9


Guerilla - Killzone 2

Previous games - Killzone, KZ: liberation

Dev rating - 7


Zipper - Socom Title

Previous games - Socom series

Dev rating 7.5


Sony Santa Monica - God of War 3

Previous games - God of War, twisted metal

Dev rating - 9


Polyphony Digital - Gran Turismo 5

Previous games - Gran turismo, Tourist Trophy

Dev rating - 9.5


Clap Hanz - Untitled project

Previous games - hot shot golf series

Dev rating - 7


Rhino Studios - Afrika

Previous games -

Dev rating-


Sucker Punch - InFamous

Previous games - Sly cooper series

Dev rating- 8


Studio Liverpool - Wipeout HD,

Previous games - Wipeout, F1

Dev rating - 7


Insomniac - Resistance 2

Previous games - Spyro, RaC, Resistance.

Dev rating- 9


Evolution - Motorstorm 2

Previous games - motorstorm,WRC

Dev rating- 8


Media Molecule - LittleBigPlanet

Previous games - Ragdoll kung fu

Dev rating-


DigiGuys - Wardevil

Previous games -

Dev rating-


Eat Sleep Play - Untitled Project

Previous games -

Dev rating-


Quantic Dreams - Heavy Rain

Previous games - Fahrenheit (Indigo prophecy)

Dev rating - 7.5


SCE Studios London - Playstation Home


Slant Six - Socom Confrontation

Previous games - Socom tactical strike

Dev rating - 6.5


Game republic - Dark mist(PSN), Untitled project

Previous games - Folklore, Genji

Dev rating - 6


Incognito - DLC for warhwak


Ready at Dawn - God of war: COO, okami wii(rumored to be working on a new IP funded by Sony)


Sony San diego - Yearly roll out of NBA, MLB, etc(with lots of PSN titles)


Sony Cambridge - Helping Different teams, (no announced projects)


Japan Studio's - Lots of Games i dont know about.


Sony Bend - (Rumored to be working on Syphon Filter PS3)


Relentless Software - Buzz!


Bigbig Studios – no announced projects


Ninja theory - no announced projects(rumored to be working on Heavenly Sword 2)


Factor 5 - no announced projects








Titles released so far


Resistance: Fall of Man



Minna no Golf



Heavenly Sword

Ratchet and Clank Future

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune


Gt: Prologue

Eye of Judgement

lots of PSN titles




if i missed any please let me know

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Sweet list. This should be fun. It's good to see that Sony and M$ are innovating by bringing some new franchises to the table. This bodes well for the future.

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