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Crysis 3 gets new Hunter MP mode

Crysis 3 is all set to get a new multiplayer mode called Hunter. In it, you have stranded CELL operatives going up against dudes clad in badass nano-suits. The CELL operatives may have the advantage of numbers (for example there will be 14 CELL operatives in a 16 player server) but the Hunters have their nano-suits as well as the compound bow, which by the way is pretty much a one shot kill.

Every time a CELL operative gets taken out by a Hunter, he/she will spawn as one till there are no CELL operatives left. While this mode certainly is not very original, it does look like a tense game of cat and mouse. Unfortunately, Crysis is one of those games that doesn’t have a thriving multiplayer community and if Crysis 2 is any indication, servers will be a ghost town after a month.

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