FIFA 13 priced Rs 3,499 for PS3, Rs 1,799 for PC

Prices for FIFA 13, the upcoming installment in EA’s annual football franchise, are going to face a major price hike in India across platforms.

Milestone Interactive, EA’s distributor for Playstation and PC platforms, recently sent out the FIFA 13 prices to various retailers, and they are as follows:

  • PS3 – Rs 3,499
  • PC – Rs 1,799
  • PSP – Rs 1,799
  • PS2 – Rs 999
  • PS Vita – Rs 2,799

This is in stark contrast to the launch prices for last year’s game, FIFA 12. The PS3 version was priced at Rs 2,499; this year’s game is Rs 1,000 more. The PC version this year also sees a steep price increase from last year’s Rs 999.

Console games have seen slight price increases of late on account of unfavourable currency exchange rates, but EA is the first publisher to hike prices so drastically. Sony recently announced that it will locally manufacture first party PS3 titles, and that it was in talks with third parties to do the same, which would allow for more flexible pricing strategies.

FIFA 13 is set to release on September 28th. Aside from the aforementioned platforms, it will also be available for Xbox 360, the price for which is yet unnanounced.

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14 Responses to “FIFA 13 priced Rs 3,499 for PS3, Rs 1,799 for PC”

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  2. parikshit says:

    ea invitation for piracy …..they dnt want us to keep buying original game …i mn what the hell 3499 1799….

  3. Lego says:

    Rs.1499 Origin.

  4. ask says:

    EA gone mad….they r dreaming that indian gamers will pay such prices for Fifa13!!

  5. Ridiculous! Games should ideally be cheaper in the last year of the console cycle! everyone should boycott this stupidity..

  6. nyer88 says:

    its 2219 now on origin….!!!

  7. Brijesh says:

    They have lost another customer to piracy.
    i will d/l it on torrent now.
    This is how they treat indian customers who have purchased their games every year legally

  8. kshitij says:

    this is shit… i have been saving my pocket money for this game.. was expecting the price around 1000.. no way m i going to pay such a high price..

  9. haziq22 says:

    how much is nba 2k13

  10. kiran says:

    i am fifa fan . now i am planing to buy pes 13 due to price of fifa is higher.

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