Images of new super slim PS3 surface

Pictures of what appear to be the super slim PS3 have surfaced on Brazilian site Technoblog. The images were sourced from the website of Brazilian regulation agency Anatel.

The new PS3 appears to be smaller in size to the current slim PS3, which was launched in 2009. The site also reports that the new PS3 will be available in 250 GB, 500 GB, and bizarrely, 16 GB models.

While the current PS3 model features a matte finish all over, the new model appears to sport a mix of glossy and striped matte textures.

Reports of a super slim PS3 first surfaced last week when sketches of the device were uncovered via leaked documents from US regulation body, the FCC. That document reported that the new model would be called the CECH-4000, which is in line with the images released by the Brazilian site.

Aside from the smaller form factor, the new PS3 will most likely also be available at a lower price. Sony had announced the current slim and lower priced PS3 at Gamescom in 2009, and it is rumoured that the super slim PS3 will also be unveiled at the German trade show, which kicks on August 15 this year.

Check out the leaked images of what could very well be the new super slim PS3.

Source: Technoblog

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5 Responses to “Images of new super slim PS3 surface”

  1. Stanley says:

    My personal opinion is that it looks crappy but saves a ton of space its ideal for dorm rooms where space is luxury.
    Here is the comparison between the original, slim and the super slim(size zero :P)
    I am not sure if it is to scale but if it is. PS3 is on a superb diet.
    @Sameer Desai
    Hope to see MCV india launch a game magazine. If it does then you have a subscriber ready.

  2. @Stanley Na, MCV India is just staying online for the near future. There’s just one MCV print publication out of the UK, and I don’t think that’s going to change.

    The PS3 design does look interesting though, especially the rumoured lid mechanism for the disc drive.

    Really interested to see how Sony prices the 16 GB model though. I wonder why they didn’t do this sooner, since you can easily upgrade storage space with third party hard drives.

  3. Stanley says:

    Its a very good way to open up to the market. I am sure it will be around 12,990 here in India. Since Xbox 360 4GB console is at the 14,990 and the 160GB PS3 is at 16,990.

    Just adding 2 and 2.

    If the price is kept that low my entire office will buy the ps3.

  4. Rs 12,990 would be great, but I’m guessing the PS3 is going to see a price cut all around. So if the 160 GB console is currently Rs 16,990, it’s new equivalent would be the 250 GB, which should be around Rs 2,000 less (going by past price drops).

    So if that’s at Rs 14,990, I’d really like to see Sony push the 16 GB PS3 closer to Rs 10,000. And then with retailer discounts, it could drop just below Rs 10,000, which psychologically would do wonders.

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