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  • Diablo III: Eternal Collection India release confirmed for Nintendo Switch 23rd October 2018

    Diablo III: Eternal Collection releasing on Nintendo Switch in India next month.Read More

  • Review: Nine Parchments 19th February 2018

    Nine Parchments on the Nintendo Switch is a fun action RPG with loads of customization and a focus on co-op that plays like a combination of Magicka and Harry Potter.Read More

  • Review: Torchlight 17th November 2009

    Ever since Blizzard’s action RPG epic Diablo II and its expansion Lord of Destruction left us with sleepless nights, broken mice and sore index fingers, many similar games have tried to fill the void until the inevitable sequel to the series. Torchlight from developer Runic Games is the latest in the long line of Diablo-like […]Read More