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Crysis Remastered delayed

Maximum delay!

The Crysis remaster has been delayed by Crytek ever since a leaked video caused a massive outcry, with fans claiming that the game didn’t look “remastered” enough.

No new release date has been announced, but Developer Crytek issued a statement on Twitter where they acknowledged the fan reaction, and have asked for a few more weeks to ensure that the product meets the high standards it once set.

For those who don’t remember; Crysis, a first person shooter released in 2007 became a meme due to its graphical fidelity and insanely high PC requirements required to run the game in all its graphical glory. We’re very curious to see how the remaster holds up in 2020, where we’ve been thoroughly spoiled by games like Metro: Exodus, Control, Red Dead Redemption II and lots more.

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