GOTY Winners: Best Sports Game

If FIFA 09 wasn’t part of an annual sports franchise from EA, it could well have been a contender for game of the year. But since it doesn’t let you shoot people, build relationships, nuke small villages, or sneak around in a cardboard box, we’ll just have to settle for the title of Best Sports Game of 2008. If there was one category that was a forgone conclusion in this year’s GOTY, this was it. In a year that severely lacked good sports games, FIFA 09 was the saving grace for sports fans. Featuring realistic gameplay thanks to a physics overhaul and responsive controls, combined with revolutionary and expansive online modes, FIFA 09 stands head and shoulders above the competition.


Infinity091 wins:
Spiderman: Web of Shadows (PC) – courtesy Worldwide CD Roms
FIFA 09 (Xbox 360) – courtesy EA
Xbox LIVE 12 month subscription card (Xbox 360) – courtesy Microsoft
1600 Microsoft Points card (Xbox 360) – courtesy Microsoft

Other nominees in this category were:
Pro Evolution Soccer 2009
Top Spin 3

IndianVideoGamer Staff pick:

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