Killzone 2 Launch Centre now live

icon_feature1With less than a month to go to the release of one of the IndianVideoGamer community’s most anticipated games, we bring you our Killzone 2 Launch Centre, where we’ve attempted to bring you all the relevant information and media to get you prepared for the invasion of Helghan come February 25. Guerrilla Games’ PS3-exclusive FPS has been receiving glowing reviews from all quarters, suggesting that the game seems to have lived up to all the pre-release hype. We’ll have our review up soon as well (apparently embargoes are different for us) and we’ll also have some goodies to give away in our Killzone 2 contest, which we’ll announce a bit later.

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Here’s a brief lowdown on what we have to offer at the Killzone 2 Launch Centre:

  • About Killzone 2: Basic information and a brief overview on Killzone 2
  • Meet the Alpha Squad: Character profiles of the Alpha Squad quartet – Sev, Rico, Garza and Natko
  • Back Story: An extensive and detailed look back at the rich back story of the Killzone franchise. Includes what transpired before and through the past games in the series – Killzone and Killzone: Liberation
  • Screenshots: Images from the single player campaign and online multiplayer modes
  • Videos: Videos from both single player and multiplayer modes
  • Wallpapers: A selection of high-quality wallpapers available for multiple screen resolutions
  • Review: IndianVideoGamer’ detailed Killzone 2 review, which goes live on February 3
  • Contest: Coming soon. IndianVideoGamer’ Killzone 2; it’s going to be a good one
  • IVG Offer: Details on our Killzone 2 IVG Offer; the biggest we’ve had yet

We also hope to have our Q&A with Guerrilla Games up soon, as well as some impressions/videos from our multi-player session with the developers.

Click below to visit the Killzone 2 Launch Centre and tell us what you think

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