NFS Producer: No demo for Undercover

IndianVideoGamer.com spent some quality hands-on time with a preview build of the latest iteration of the long running Need For Speed series, “Need For Speed : Undercover” at the Games Convention Asia 2008 in Singapore, and came away with some positives and some negatives.

We asked John Doyle, the producer of the latest game about the possible release of a demo of Undertcover before the game hits stores. He stated that EA would not be releasing a demo of the game since they wanted to concentrate on the game rather than spend time on the demo.


Which throws up a few questions…

1] Do developers use a separate team for churning out demoes of their games ? I assumed that you simply copied the code for the first level or two and pressed them into an installable image. Does it really take so much time to crank out a demo so as to interfere with the development of the actual game ?

2] Could the reason for not releasing a demo be the fear of negative backlash similar to what we witnessed with the last NFS offering, “NFS : Prostreet” ?

Huh ? Huh ?

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