Sunday Feature: What we’re playing – (07/10/12)

As expected, many of our writers are spending this weekend wandering about Pandora in search for good loot. Two of them are also busy working on their respective reviews so tune into IVG next week for both our F1 2012 and Dead or Alive 5 reviews. So without further aideau, here’s what kept us busy this weekend.

Avinash Bali
This weekend, I remain firmly rooted in Pandora and strive to complete Borderlands 2 in True Vault Hunter Mode (TVHM). I’ve already got my ass handed to me multiple times by bosses I breezed through in Normal, so I dread to think how the end boss would be. But as much as I’m enjoying my second playthrough, I have to say, the loot drops so far have been abyssal and so is my luck with the Golden Chests. Still, I have had a lot of fun playing this game cooperatively so if you haven’t tried the game out yet, I strongly urge you to.

Nitin Sagar
I’ve been playing my review copy of Dead Or Alive 5 on and off and I’ll like to especially thank the distributors for providing me with the Bikini DLC (hubba hubba). However, most of my gaming time this week was spent on the excellent Sly 2 HD remake, a game that’s an excellent sequel, improving upon its predecessor’s gameplay substantially. However, it does tend to drag at times. Either way, keep your eyes peeled for IVG’s DoA 5 review this week.

Abhinit Prakash
This week saw me bury my teeth well into Fifa 13. Despite having the full game on hand, there’s been only one game mode that I’ve spent most of my time playing – Ultimate Team, which is terribly addictive, especially for a newcomer like me. I still haven’t understood the fluctuating market that well but I’ve tried my best to break even and at the moment am running a profit of 1000 coins. Apart from building my team and trading, I’ve been playing a lot of friendly online games against fellow IVG members and have had my posterior handed to me very politely in most of the matches. Oh, and I won my first Fifa Interctive World Cup match. Go me!

Roshan D’Silva
Like last week, I spend this weekend running around Pandora desperately trying to wrap up Borderlands 2. Finishing it on solo is a pain in the backside but thanks to Spindoctor and Nash, I’ve been able to level my character up significantly and loot to my heart’s content. Oh and I also finally used a Golden Key (unlike all the hoarders out there) and unlike my unfortunate brethren, I lucked out and scored some pretty good weapons. How do you like them apples Nash?

Abhisheik Dahiya
I finally gave Borderlands 2 a shot. A couple of hours in, ended up wishing I had bought Darksiders 2 instead. I am sure it’s a great game for people who liked the first Borderlands but I was always on the fence with that one. Got the second one purely because friends were getting it. Played for a while to find out it’s still not my thing. Ah well, maybe I will come back to it someday. Anyway, been playing a fairly decent amount of Dark Souls (still) and Hell Yeah on the Xbox 360. Enjoying my time with both of them.

Hemanth Kumar Balasubramanian
I’ve been totally into F1 2012 all week. It’s a solid interpretation of the current season, and there’s been some marked improvement from last year. The challenging difficulty has made it even more addictive fore me and I’m really looking forward to completing a co-op championship this time since I never really completed it last year, thanks to my unreliable PC. After my F1 2012 save file got corrupted yesterday, I’ll have to start the game from scratch now. But hey, I’m still smiling about doing it from the very beginning. Expect the review soon.

So what are you playing this weekend?

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