Test Your G-IQ Contest

Heya Folks !!

As another year draws to a close, we thought we should take a peek back into time and test your trivia skills on IVG.

Take the “TEST YOUR G-IQ” challenge and you stand a chance to win one of the two games below:

Gears of War 2 (X360) and Prince of Persia (PS3)

Contest Questions

1. When was IVG born?

2. Who is IVG’s mommy?

3. What was HotPixel/HSP’s first display name on IVG?

4. Name the IVG member who now works for one of the console makers

5. What was the prize in the first ever IVG GOTY contest?

6. Name all IVG moderators past and present

Questions are in order of difficulty (1 is easiest, 6 is toughest). In case more than one member gets the same number of correct answers, the member who answered the the more difficult ones correctly wins.

Head on over to our contest thread and give it your best shot.

Cheers and All the Best !!!!

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