This Week on IVG: The week of 19th October, 2009


Gentlemen, trolls, newbies and the unnaturally hormonal members of IVG! Welcome to latest and greatest edition of TWIVG because your usual host for the evening is busy fapping off to UC2. You know, the game that can cure cancer, AIDS and desperation if the responses to delays over delivery are to be believed.

Did i mention it can get you laid too (Edit: yes i did)? Guess that would explain why we’ve seen unprovoked attacks from members to those who’ve got the game already. It’s amazing how one little piece of software code can ruin what usually is a great community (except for that Slackerninja guy, he’s a turd).

And if gallons of hateorade spewed across teh intarwebz wasn’t enough over UC2 there was war of a different kind what with the mad rush for multiple orders for Call of Duty 4 Part 2: You Dropped the Soap, McTavish Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and wanton spending that would lead our fragile little minds to reconsider the meaning of the term “recession” or at least wonder how people can spend around 10K for a game that comes with night vision goggles to satisfy the inner stalker-chic of many a COD fan (or psychopath).

Add some more venom, of the sophisticated kind over Brutal Legend where you have the Tim Schafer and metal fangirls versus those who well, just can’t wrap the term RTS around their early impressions of what was a superlative, GOTY-worthy demo.

But it’s not war unless there are women involved. In this case there are two of them and unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your orientation) neither are real. Unless you’re Herr Furher Sam where you’d like a third entry into the roster.

As abruptly awesome as it sounds, that’s This Week on IVG, hopefully you’d have your bogstandard, just okay-ish TAGmeister back till then vote for the hotter chick of UC2 and tell us why following which your choice would be questioned and pulverized to sub-atomic proportions. Or keep hitting refresh in our UC2 launch center for a chance to win a PS3 Anorexic Edition Slim so that this conclusion with it’s blatantly shameless plug actually counts for something.

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