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  1. I’m adding more Laurus to my PF.
  2. I thought you entered when you mentioned about indigo results coming up so one can add before it raises.
  3. Nope, don't want to end up like cartrade tech.
  4. Bought it long back didn’t know where to put my money, the person who opened my demat was guiding me how to operate that is when I asked him just buy Vodafone share looking at the price and thought it might go up and I’ll become super rich 😁.
  5. Even I thought to do so. And I was in verge of selling Vodafone shares. Glad I didn’t.
  6. Also depends on the which beans you use. I use washed and dry process arabica and washed robusta.
  7. Yes, it gives a decent shot. I use it everyday for my coffee. Machine cleaning is time consuming and needs to be cleaned everyday, that's the reason I use mokapot. But noting beats 15bar pressure pump machine for espresso shot.
  8. No, You need espresso shot to make cappuccino. My advice is buy a mokapot and a milk frother. You can make decent cappuccino and latte.
  9. Guys, I got few JSW energy which I bought when it was around ₹60. I dunno if I should let go or hold? Any suggestions!?
  10. This happened on my 1st dose, expected the same for 2nd but nothing happened.
  11. This happened on my 1st dose, expected the same for 2nd but nothing happened.
  12. Wish I added more , Have bought only few when it was below 400
  13. Except tata consumer and 2 others, everything is red red red.
  14. Anyone got Rolex rings? Both me and my wife didn’t get as usual 😑.
  15. Convection function should be there in the microwave. Convection however can't be compared to air frying. No, it’s just a basic solo microwave that we use for re heating. So for banking she uses OTG.
  16. We got separate OTG and microwave oven, don’t have convention. Does it make a difference?
  17. Wife asking for an air fryer, is anyone using if it is useful? I got no idea about it. And also plz suggest which one to buy.
  18. I read in the morning government is considering moratorium for telecom. Thought of holding on to shares for some more time. Let’s see how this takes.
  19. Same, applied from mine and wife’s account.🤞
  20. Yeah, I don't think ill add anymore. I'll just keep an eye on scan steel.
  21. I may also add few, only Kkalpana is in green and INDGELA also in red.
  22. I've entered Scan steels, was in green in the morning. Dunno what to do now
  23. Neither me nor wife got GLS.
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