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  1. Thank you, I’ll sell half of it. Bought it when it was was around ₹49. I hadn’t checked from several months.
  2. 11inch 256gig WiFi variant. 5% discount on mrp plus ₹4000 cash back.
  3. Thanks man, bought few.
  4. Yeah, I'm a student of his . Any discounts? And its a wonderful machine and you need to buy conical grinder soon to really enjoy your coffee !!
  5. Awesome buy, Did you buy it from Vikram Khurana? how much did it cost ? I have a bean to cup from delonghi , Thinking of replacing with traditional single boiler espresso machine.
  6. Upgraded from Apple watch series 0 to Series 6.
  7. Guys, my father in law asked me to check and buy a humidifier for his living room. I have no idea about it, any suggestions which one to buy ?
  8. Where did you buy it from? Watch dealer or direct contact? Asking because I'm looking to buy Zenith DEFY.
  9. Wonderful case, was sold out when I tried to order. Had to settle for Spigen.
  10. Awesome price! I bought it for 1.54lakh for 65inch including 2K cashback few days back.
  11. Cannot confirm right now as the TV is in Mysore and I’m in Coorg for few months.
  12. I don’t think it’ll come in huge discount here as it’s sold out almost everywhere in India and only very few might be remaining in Amazon. And the stocks are not arriving like before as the demand is high everywhere. India is a very small market for Garmin, as told by few cycle stores. I waited 2 months for 530 edge and finally bought Wahoo Roam and Garmin sensors. Even sensors are quickly running out of shelves.
  13. Dunno if x900h is same as sony X90H, I bought X90H 65inch for 1.56 today and additional 14300 for extended warranty for 2years in Croma. Hope it helps if you're looking to negotiate.
  14. Picked this up yesterday, Sorry for poor image, it's a Bose soundbar 700.
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