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  1. Do I need transit visa for Dubai if my destination is US?

    I remember not needing one in 2017 but that was Abu Dhabhi.

    Edit: Not needed.


    If not Dubai then next option is London. Anything to do at Heathrow for 8hr layover? Lol

  2. 3 minutes ago, ox- said:

    When did it drop to 18k (-3.250 = 14.7?)? :cry:


    I placed the order for these on Monday as well, price was showing 19.9 - 3250 for citi card so total at 16.7k.


    Also weirdly it's still showing "Not dispatched", I wonder why it's taking so long. I hope they don't cancel the order.

    Was at 18k for quite some time.

    It will come back to it again in a few weeks.

  3. 54 minutes ago, harsh1387 said:

    Sony X80J. 

    Unfortunately, it just came and thanks to Amazon open box policy we found out the panel is damaged. So, delivery didn't happened and refund will be issued. First time I have bought a bigger electronic appliance online and the experience wasn't good. Seems offline as usual is better for this. Will delay the purchase now and will get something in Diwali sales. 

    Now wait till Diwali and upgrade to atleast x90 series.

  4. 2 hours ago, Bird Bird Bird said:


    Yeah. This is funny. Things are cheaper today since I also have a Citi card. 

    Amazon is clever. They added a 1000 bucks coupon on WFXM4 to make price 16990 but 2000 CC discount was only applicable on the 17990 price.

    Now they have removed the 1000 coupon. Would have been pretty sweet if that discount was still present.


  5. 5 minutes ago, LordSpymaster said:

    Wore the QC 45 and the Sony ones. How's the QC overall? Better than Sony? Main use is multipoint with windows, android and ios, zoom calls etc

    More and less the same.

    Both have multipoint support.


    I don't think you will find any features on either one of these which will stand out than the other.

    Personally, I find Sony's ANC and AQ better than Bose but it's not that apparent in everyday use.

    QC45 feel a lot lighter and with less pressure on the ears. If you are feeling more comfortable with QC then go ahead and get them. 

  6. 1 hour ago, LordSpymaster said:

    Does anyone here have the Sony WH 1000MX4 over ear headphones? How comfortable are they for long listening sessions and zoom calls? Are the pads causing ears to heat up / redden for you? 

    If you compare them with Bose QC, then QC wins. If you use them without comparison, you won't be disappointed with the comfort.

  7. 1 hour ago, LordSpymaster said:

    If I book flight tickets via HDFC SmartBuy, does it go through MMT? Can I apply a MMT card offer on top of that as well? 

    You need to go and select MMT from Smartbuy and it will direct you to MMT for completing the transaction. You can use the coupon code there.

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  8. 11 minutes ago, 0verlord said:

    All stocks with all us brokers are held in the street name of the brokers, while custodians have records of ownership of retail us and non-us investors under respective brokers, afaik

    so, non-us investors are not at a disadvantage 

    Custodian i.e. brokers.

    They maintain records of holdings and this is not privy to depositories.

    In case a retail investor invests in US equity directly then you are safe because you only used the broker as a medium but if you are handing your money to a company which then invests it via their own fund and then if the fund goes bust, that's equivalent to investing in junk stocks. You aren't safe.

    I am not sure if $500k insurance can be extended here.

  9. 39 minutes ago, SuperT said:

    Cool. However, if they do shut shop money will be safe but yeah valid reason to stay away. 

    How will it be safe?

    They are investing in Vanguard on their end and we are being provided with units of Navi's funds.

    US assets aren't held under investors name by the depository, they are held under the names of the broker. 

    I am not entirely sure if the $500k protection will be forwarded to the retail investors in this case.

  10. 51 minutes ago, SuperT said:

    Since, PP is not investing in the US market anymore and MO has also stopped I shifted to Navi last month - US Total Stock Market and Nasdaq 100. Any reason other than the fund size that you did not go for them ?


    Obviously they are very new but they are getting a lot of traction and what I like is that the US Total Stock Market fund is directly investing in Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF which is pretty good. 

    AUM size.

    You never know when things go upside down for these new fintechs. 

    Not that anything is wrong with Navi, just me being cautious.

  11. 2 hours ago, LordSpymaster said:

    I checked my DCP limit, it's 6.5L. Have raised the grievance, and might go to the branch today as well. Lets see. 

    Mil jana chaiye. Limit should be more than enough. They will ask you your graduation certificate, possibly some old/current college ID and a CC form to be filled.

    Your salary will be above the threshold plus Alumni status and even then they have some criteria that they won't ask for income docs if it's been 3yrs since your graduation.

    Make sure you mention the Premier Institute alumni.

  12. 10 minutes ago, 202croc said:


    RM/BM don't bother.

    I filled the upgrade form & sent via courier to Chennai office. I upgraded the same way to Diners from Regalia but now they denied Infinia.

    I have never defaulted payment. Completed my superbike loan with HDFC twice lol still they denied me. While they are approving Infinia to 6L limit holders as well. Appropriately their criteria is "mood based" I suppose.

    Send a mail to grievance and then send a form online once they revert. Mention your current limit and last 6Ms spends.

  13. 6 minutes ago, R1shabh said:

    What is this obsession with credit limit? Do you even hit that upper cap ever? I have Infinia & Icici/Amazon but I hardly ever spend more than 50K a month combined. Most of small ticket items are paid via UPI than hassling cards. 

    CL makes you eligible for the next better card.

    Higher CL can possibly make your current card LTF.

    Higher CL can possibly offer you retention benefits.

    And lower your CL utilisation is, the better it is for your credit score.

  14. 18 minutes ago, 202croc said:


    No they don't give Infinia straight away for 10L credit limit.

    Mine is 11L limit. Already they have approved me 12.5L limit which I haven't accepted yet. Yearly spend above 8L. Still they denied me Infinia. I am currently on Diners black since 3 years. Only thing I am short on is ITR limit by a few lacs. On the contrary they have given Infinia to much lower spends than mine.


    HDFC has weird approval standards.

    Who denied you? RM/BM?

  15. 7 hours ago, Seriosia said:

    So i currently own

    Axis ace - for general purpose for 2% cashback

    Hdfc IOCL - for fuel now LTF

    Sbi BPCL - for fuel

    Axis flipkart - for flipkart LTF

    Icici Amazon pay - for amazon LTF 

    Icici platinum - no use just kept because LTF

    Any suggestion  or comment on this?

    That HDFC IOCL can be replaced with better HDFC cards with better reward rates.

  16. 51 minutes ago, R3D_D3ViL said:

    Is it ok if you mention your A/c nos and card no in the HDFC grievance mail? Was thinking about writing a mail for an infinia upgrade for quite sometime now.


    Is this actually happening? Didn't find any news about this.

    You don't need to write account number, just mention your Customer ID and anyway they can figure out via your registered email ID.

    You don't need to mention your card number, HDFC hardly offers dual cards, so they will know which card you are talking about.


    My friends at Amex told me this, there might be some delays.

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  17. 50 minutes ago, LordSpymaster said:

    I barely have spends on my Diner's, not sure if they'll give me the upgrade. Limit is around 4L, and total spend YTD is around 1.5L

    If your monthly net is >= 1.75L, you will get it straight away.

    My CTC has a substantial part in guaranteed bonuses (no variable or ad-hoc, guaranteed). But they weren't convinced that it was fixed and wanted physical approval but HR is also wfh.


    Only last week my limit on Regalia was auto upgraded to 6L and I applied to DCB again, this time they didn't even ask for slips because I fulfilled the CL criteria which for DCB is 5L (I think). If you don't fulfill this then you need to cross the monthly salary.


    Similarly for Infinia, CL criteria is 10L which gets you Infinia straight away.


    Else 8L can also work if you have 6-7.5L spends in last 6 months plus they might ask you for another bank's card statement with CL of atleast 9-10L.


    If you don't have that, depending on your luck and associate you are dealing with, 2.85-3.5L net monthly salary is needed.

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  18. 1 hour ago, Snake said:

    I just got a credit limit upgrade a good amount. But still on regali:angry:a 

    Bhai 8L hai toh jaldi se try krlo. Hit & miss chl rha hai. 



    Difficult though, few people got approved at 8L limit but they had 6L spends over last 6 months and another bank's card statement with CL of 9L.

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