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  1. 3 minutes ago, Agent 47 said:

    This week has been a pretty bad week for me.


    My mother left all of us yesterday. Very unexpected and all of a sudden. My family is still in shock and disbelief. I was very close to her so very much broken from inside. But staying strong cause if i fall down my father will break down as well. His responsibility is on me now.


    May her wonderful soul RIP.

    May she rest in peace.

    All the wishes to you bro.

  2. 43 minutes ago, Bird Bird Bird said:


    I think their earlier videos were good, but then the influencing started, and this got f**ked. Akshat was peddling Vauld just a week back IIRC. 

    Also made predictions for Nifty touching 20k by mid 2022 last year. 

    Check his video on TA about Cup and Handle pattern, you'll know his competency.

  3. 1 minute ago, SuperT said:

    Damn! Just a while back youtubers/insta influencers were recommending Vauld left right and centre. 

    Akshat Srivastava is the biggest scammer along with his behen CA Rachana Ranade.

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  4. 1 hour ago, LordSpymaster said:

    Amazon made Amex remove themselves from Amex's reward multiplier platform. Was an easy way to get 2x RPs on a decent sized Amazon purchase.

    Actually Amazon pulled out of all of the affiliate programs. HDFC, Amex, Axis. Twitter has been very buzzy because HDFC had 5x/3x multiplier for Amazon but people were exploiting it by paying commercial bills in 8 figures.

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  5. 3 hours ago, SuperT said:

    Add Lenskart to the list of platforms that don't accept DC but accept Amex. At this rate I will never be able to accumulate spends on DC :wallbash:

    Amex is gonna start accepting new applications by July-end/Aug-start.

    The arsenal will be complete then.

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  6. Did some calculations.

    Gonna put all expenses from now on Citi PM and hope to upgrade later to Prestige and get good conversion for Airmiles.


    If hypothetically I had DCB, would have only used it in case I am able to take advantage of Smartbuy (5x/10x) and break my transactions so I can hit daily bonus caps on multiple (atleast 2) days.


    Gonna require some planning but gonna get a much better value than my current Regalia.

  7. 7 minutes ago, Madmage said:

    Amex takes 3 percent and abovec which is ridiculous for chemist and low margin retail

    Anywhere between 2.5-3.5%, although you can expect even 2.2%.

    Visa and MC generally quote 1.5-2.5, haven't seen many instances where it was above 1.5% during my tenure.


  8. 22 minutes ago, SuperT said:

    But strangely since the time Pinelab touch machines have started popping up, shops have started accepting Amex for some reason. For example my local chemist earlier never accepted Amex when he had a HDFC machine but suddenly because of Pinelabs he now takes my Amex card as well. Maybe because earlier Amex was not an option with other machines and Pinelabs has Amex ? Anyway point being Amex is much better compared to DC. 

    Maybe, though having worked at one of these network companies before I don't see how PineLabs would make the acceptance better . Amex used to charge double of Visa and MasterCard. Inline with DCB.

    Unless PineLabs is footing the extra charge, no way these small merchants will go for Amex.

  9. 1 minute ago, SuperT said:

    THIS. Pinelabs touch screen network is almost in every shop now. Hence, Amex by default is accepted almost everywhere at least in the metros. 

    Same is not the case with DC unfortunately. 

    Pinelabs doesn't decide if a merchant uses Amex or not.

    The merchant decides it ex: Zara. Because the merchant has to pay the network fees.

  10. 42 minutes ago, Krazyniks said:


    Oh okay . Seriously man your RM/CC associate are no good in this case.  

    Two of my friends have Infinia card because their accounts are older 8/10 years . And its lifetime free with a limit of 13L . Their overall spends during all this time is somewhere around 15L. Their behaviour makes no sense as they will probably lose a good customer like you.  CASA ratio is very important to banks and it will suffer . 

    They probably got Infinia atleast a couple years ago.

    Back then the eligibility criteria wasn't this stupid. I know many people who are earning equivalent to me and hold Infinia LTFs.

    They keep raising the eligibility while devaluating the card itself. Today's Infinia is equivalent to 2017/2018's Regalia.


    HDFC is still my one and only bank account though. I will see what I can do because these guys don't value loyalty and relationship. So probably just better to stop keeping as many funds in savings and keep Regalia hanging around, unused to build up credit length and possibility of future upgrade.

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  11. 28 minutes ago, Mr. Comingle said:

    The employer matters quite a bit in this I think. I used to work for an MNC and easily got Regalia LTF and bunch of other cards easily. Now I work in a startup and my colleagues struggle to get the same cards even though their salaries are more than 2x of what mine was when I got those cards. 

    Very true.

    DCB is available for people of certain MNCs with 75k net salary, while they asked me for atleast 1.75L.


    Although my case is different because I am applying via their Premier Institutes association program.

    Major problem is the pay structure, these HDFC guys only look at monthly net while many companies offer annual guaranteed bonuses and esops, especially startups.


    That wasn't a problem in my case though, for me, it's just a bunch of dickheads.


    Citi handles this much better by looking at annual gross.

  12. 3 minutes ago, SuperT said:

    DCB acceptance is pretty poor. Just a few examples I have noticed over the past few months - Zepto/Blinkit/Tata1MG/Zara&MassimoDutti are some of the online platforms. And so many offline merchants who don’t accept DCB. Got rejected so many times at chemists and superstores. 

    For Blinkit, just buy vouchers from Smartbuy and use it. You'll get bonus RPs.

    Works for H&M, M&S. Maybe Zara and the others don't accept it.

    Offline merchants are definitely not gonna accept. DCB is actually better than Amex though.

    That's why I got Citi.

    Put the big purchases like travel, utilities, insurance, dining and electronics on DCB, rest on Citi. It's a hassle to segregate though.

  13. 12 minutes ago, Krazyniks said:

    Question - why don't you get the Infinia Card by making FDR of 10L with HDFC Bank .

    I mean the card is obviously important to you . So just do a FDR of 1 year . Pretty sure they won't take your card back after 1 year since your spending is good . Also in the current market scenario where stocks aren't expected to give good returns for next 1 year at least - FDR doesn't look like that bad an investment .

    I floated that same idea to my RM. Told him that I will create an FD from the funds I keep in my savings.

    He went to his supervisor and his supervisor went to the CC associate.

    They declined it.

    Asked my RM for a reason, he didn’t say anything useful. Then I asked a friend of my mine works in HDFC (not CC division) and he told me that this happens because bank is making more money from the funds you have in your savings as compared to FDR and hence they don’t provide cards if balance is shifting from savings.


    But anyway, card isn’t important to me. I am only trying to get what they promised me when I graduated but now I am not following up on that, too much effort, will just use Citi and take whatever I can get.

  14. 14 minutes ago, hannibal09 said:

    I was wondering that seeing your card photo 😂

    Any way as you are there search for PM to Prestige, how will detailed guides. 

    Got in touch with another HDFC rep to upgrade to DCB. This guy is just another level.

    My company is based out of London, he sent the verification guys to verify my digitally signed payslips to the London address 😂

    When they realised the mistake, he sent the guys to the address of the payment processor which basically just does GBP to INR conversion.

    The verification guy calls me and says that he can't get verification here.


    Absolutely given up on HDFC, they don't even value the salary slip.

    So jaldi jaldi bus prestige pe switch, maybe in future I will try getting whatever comes next from HDFC.


    Can't access these guides yet on the channel, too new. But that merge PM with Prestige and then get another PM literally blew me away. Might try to get another PM once my I get Prestige but obviously that will only happen once welcome benefits are credited.

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