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  1. I lost admin status just before the big snap that very day I became the admin of this forum so not many people knows about this and here you are talking about likes..
  2. The forum took a pretty huge hit and not to mention all the accounts created within a year were lost so just give it some time. I am sure people will gradually show up.
  3. BOTW. I am already 4 hours in and loving every single moment of the game, clearly deserves all the praise it received. First time i have seen a game were initial game tutorial is not boring but properly integrated with the game. ( I am looking at you ACIII)
  4. Took some break from gaming for a month. Today i came back and saw all these but i am glad IVG forum is back online now.
  5. Was not expecting anything but this boss fight popped up.. Game does looks amazing at times in Ultra.
  6. joken732a


    On chapter VII. I will just leave it here.
  7. Games looks amazing on PC but can't enjoy the game because of lack of free time.
  8. joken732a


    Max fps capped @60?
  9. Looks worse than the first game.
  10. How can someone hate JC3? Having insane fun. Game looks beautiful too @MAX Setting.
  11. Pretty demanding game - http://www.pcgameshardware.de/Mass-Effect-Andromeda-Spiel-55712/Specials/Mass-Effect-Andromeda-1223325/
  12. joken732a


    Did not watched any trailer/gameplay except the initial reveal one
  13. Recently completed JC3 after buying the base game during last steam sale. Performed well for me 90+FPS @ ultra 1080p all the time and only dipped close to 60FPS when the screen is full of explosions. I don't know what issue people had with the port. Anyway can anyone link me to the game thread? Can't find the game.
  14. Performance is not consistent according to gaf performance thread. Game is apparently demanding when you visit EOS.
  15. Nope. Everything is hand crafted according to the developers. Here some quotes from developers Sources - https://www.reddit.com/r/witcher/comments/39stcq/oh_my_god_look_at_that_face/cs6711d/ https://www.reddit.com/r/witcher/comments/39e9hw/witcher_3_does_cutscenes_right_spoilers/cs2unqs/ "If by "algorithm" you mean "hand crafted every and each scene, both body and facial animations" - you are right! : ) The whole thing is somewhat complicated, and I was thinking lately of doing blog post about that. We shall see." "Hi there! Actually, there's no facial capture in the game - apart from one tiny moment, IIRC. Everything else is hand made and hand placed. Layers and layers of hard work. : ) We have also extensive animations library which we use in the dialogue scenes - many of them are also keyframed, and all of them are hand placed and tweaked. Just like facial animations."
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