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  1. Great recommendation. I would recommend to try persona 5 even if someone doesn't like turn based combat same for south park stick of truth.
  2. joken732a

    Gaming PCs

    Looks for possible windows update which might have caused this issue? I faced similar issue back 2 years ago. 2 things you can try : - 1)Run malwarebytes its free version is enough and scan for possible miners. Miners may be choking it. 2) Your HDD/SDD is dying - I used to face similar 100% CPU usage but changing the HDD/SDD fixed it.
  3. Fact remains the same that for the first time for HZD PlayStation twitter shared a blog post in their official site. And GG twitter were handling the communication since day 1 of the announcement and they were listed in PC separate credit section from day 1. I hope they fix up their mess even if it affect HZD2 development as they are accountable for this version.
  4. For no other PS4 port sony made a blog post in official PlayStation website. AFAIK this was the first party studio game other games ike Quantum Dream games and Journey etc were not first party games. Guerilla Studio employees(a technical director and many QA testers)are listed in credit section of PC version in a separate heading of credits for PC version which comes after the original credits. Plus Guerilla Studio is handling the communication of the PC version. Sure they may have outsourced but this was first PC port which Sony managed under their control.
  5. For people complaining about HZD port look at MS port of Gears 1 and Horizon 3 they were trash but now look at FH4 and Gears 4/5 port both these ports were fantastic and best way to experience these games are PC version. I am pretty sure Sony were testing waters and they will bump up their effort next time. Btw what do you guys think about 8GB VRAM for 3070? I think Nvidia should have bumped up the VRAM from 8GB. One of the main reason why I want to wait a bit before making a purchase because 3070ti is listed as 16GB.
  6. 36K. Just saw the above post for RTX 3070ti. Guess I will wait 3-4 month to get the whole picture before I make my decision.
  7. My 1070 served me very well bought it back in 2016. Best money that I have ever spent on a hardware. Hopefully will grab RTX 3070 soon.
  8. joken732a

    Gaming PCs

    Which 650w do you recommend? Also what you think about price will it go down by 3-4K in few months?
  9. joken732a

    Gaming PCs

    https://www.zotac.com/us/product/graphics_card/zotac-geforce-gtx-1070-NE#spec 500w is the recommend requirement for GTX 1070 from what i can remember. Which PSU you recommend for RTX 3070? Also should i wait for few months for prices to stabilize?
  10. joken732a

    Gaming PCs

    Back after a long time. Thinking of upgrading my PC soon to RTX 3070. Please guys give your inputs. Current PC - GTX 1070 Ryzen 3600 Corsair Vengeance DDR4 8x2(3000MHz) B450M mortor Seasonic S12II 520W. I guess PSU will need to be upgraded?
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