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  1. SyLaRzV

    FIFA 2020

    No EA i'm not pre-ordering the ultimate edition
  2. SyLaRzV

    FIFA 2020

    Theres a reason why its available for Rs279. Its probably the worst Fifa ever according to......everyone.
  3. SyLaRzV

    FIFA 2020

    One thing i can agree on, packs were so bad this week that i only got fodder reds. Then they saw my pre-order and decided to give me a tradable TOTSSF Neymar.
  4. Well Chelsea thought of recreating that scene with a proper ending....in the Premier League
  5. SyLaRzV

    FIFA 2020

    Finally i got a real endgame card, so delighted on packing him. Then i asked, why now lol. Now atleast i can get the players i want to buy to improve my team that struggled in WL everytime bcoz of 7 chem Ramos and lack of a second meta striker. 1 more week then....hooraaayyy
  6. Happy Diwali to IVG Family
  7. SyLaRzV

    FIFA 19

    Champions Edition....Here I Come.
  8. But we all wanted to say for long now.......finally.
  9. IVG Fantasy league for 2018/19 season has been renewed Code to join this league: 386468-116832 Last year's players would automatically get into the league once they create their team.
  10. I don't see a second striker, u played LW only as much as i remember. Its not a big deal listing a member's preferred position as i've played midfield before too to help the team only, anyways i'm cool being listed as mid too np.
  11. Nice post Mr. Eko Looks like i have to start playing in the new club to climb those rankings, what time u guys play nowadays and hey list me as a striker as i only play midfield so hope can play upfront
  12. Sent the request to join the club, let me know when can we play pro clubs and where are all those members who listed pro clubs as their fav game mode lol don't see them in the club...
  13. SyLaRzV

    FIFA 18

    Packed this beauty just now
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