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  1. SyLaRzV

    Red Dead Redemption 2 [READ OP BEFORE POSTING]

    Anyone got their order from gamestheshop ?
  2. SyLaRzV

    Battlefield V

    Add me we can play BF1. BF V guys add me too, haven't found too many hardcore BF players so far Origin - SyLaRzV
  3. SyLaRzV

    The Football Thread

    Well he is quite popular there.
  4. SyLaRzV

    FIFA 19

    Champions Edition....Here I Come.
  5. SyLaRzV

    The Football Thread

    But we all wanted to say for long now.......finally.
  6. SyLaRzV

    Indian Video Gamer FPL

    IVG Fantasy league for 2018/19 season has been renewed Code to join this league: 386468-116832 Last year's players would automatically get into the league once they create their team.
  7. SyLaRzV

    FIFA 18 Pro Club: GunMan

    I don't see a second striker, u played LW only as much as i remember. Its not a big deal listing a member's preferred position as i've played midfield before too to help the team only, anyways i'm cool being listed as mid too np.
  8. SyLaRzV

    FIFA 18 Pro Club: GunMan

    Nice post Mr. Eko Looks like i have to start playing in the new club to climb those rankings, what time u guys play nowadays and hey list me as a striker as i only play midfield so hope can play upfront
  9. SyLaRzV

    The IVG League Championship (CLOSED)

    I'm definitely not sold on the idea of rewarding players for losing a match, its like giving the players a reason or motive to lose and it can be manipulated in different ways. Leagues all over the world want to be competitive but they don't reward for losing, those rules are there for a reason and same goes for offline/online tournaments. Also the credits being awarded for every match played are too much, credits would mean nothing after say first 10 matches while everyone would already have the same best team by then. Everyone who got their psn listed in the gathering thread have also not joined this league yet so i say give it some more time to see if people want to join in.
  10. SyLaRzV

    The IVG League Championship (CLOSED)

    I'm in PSN ID - SyLaRzV I'll post my team before the deadline. @Joe Cool Plz clarify these doubts Why is the player losing a match getting more credits than the player winning that match and that too more than double the credits ? What is the min n max no. of matches to be played in a week for each player ?
  11. SyLaRzV

    FIFA 18 Gathering

    Sent the request to join the club, let me know when can we play pro clubs and where are all those members who listed pro clubs as their fav game mode lol don't see them in the club...
  12. SyLaRzV

    FIFA 18

    Packed this beauty just now
  13. SyLaRzV

    PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

    Stuff like this happens early on, u will start to finish more games as u get experienced in this game.
  14. SyLaRzV

    Indian Video Gamer FPL

    Weren't u 3rd 🤔
  15. SyLaRzV

    Indian Video Gamer FPL

    IVG Fantasy League has been renewed for this year, last year's players would automatically get into the league once they create their team. New players can use the code from last year maybe, let me know if it doesn't work. Use this code to join IVG league incase last year's code doesn't work. Code to join this league: 129719-33590