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  1. La Decimocuarta in a year which was supposed to be a rebuild year. A season where Madrid beat the 1-2-3 of EPL on the way to the title. It really doesn't get better than this.
  2. Thank you so much for the perspective, I agree that the content is good but definitely against the fact that things like saying congratulations gets you warning is dumb AF no two ways about it. I know, also the funny thing is that I am more of a motorcycle person and while they do have have a dedicated forum for motorcycles one of the interview questions was to describe what you like about car when I don't really have a fav car to write about and could not write about motorcycles instead. Felt a little restrictive in that sense. Even I don't post there often, more of a reader there hence why the ban docent really bother me much but the reason I was given a ban for a spelling mistake still makes me a bit pissed. Like if the ban was for trolling/shitposting at least that will feel deserved even if I don't agree with it but spelling is something that feels way stupid as a reason for ban. The modal sent to me literally said to use a spell check before posting on the forum. Had not used any slags or emojis. Hahaha, true that. There is a very fine line between being restrictive about quality content and being respective from the point of authoritative restrictions. Active banning for trolling/shitposting is understandable, for incorrect use of grammar is literally grammar nazi level restrictive. This is of course my perspective and you might have a different view and that's completely fair. Like I mentioned I am more of a motorcycle guy and there was an amazing forum called bhp dedicated only to motorcycle stuff, but unfortunately that forum is completely dead is the only reason I even signed up for Team-BHP. While there motorcycle section is not upto the level of other stuff there literally is not other option. All of this actually makes me glad that IVG (Gaming Indians) was my first forum back in 2008 and still is kind the only one which I visit regularly due to the awesome content and freedom here. I was actually banned on GI as well on my first week of joining back in 2008 in fact by Athek but I actually deserved that due to spamming. I don't think the mods here have ever banned anyone here for incorrect use of English, grammar of pronunciation and the quality still has been amazing.
  3. Ok so this is gonna sound ultra dumb but I just wanted to check up with you guys. There is this other forum called Team-BHP for automotive stuff. I made a post there which had a spelling mistake in it and I received an infraction and got banned for 3 months. Is that normal to get banned for spelling mistake?, that feels really grammar Nazi level insane sh*t. PS: Not sure if we are allowed to mention other forums
  4. Meanwhile Nintendo be like, You all want some of that Pokeman?
  5. I think if they launch Warcraft 4 it will last a long time, also WOW and Warcraft 4 do not necessarily need to compete against each other. Warcraft 4 can be its own thing while WOW continues on as its own thing. Though not sure if Blizzard have the manpower to support both games at the same time.
  6. A new Warcraft RTS game like Warcraft 4 would be the bomb. The story of Arthas becoming the lich king has to be one of the best stories in video games, plus Frozen Throne just made a good game even better. Warcraft 4 (if it is true to its origins like Warcraft3) is the Half Life 3 equivalent for RTS fans.
  7. With them not owning cd projekt red & Larian they don't completely own it yet but yes I get what you mean. Yeah I did notice that not a lot of discussion here is around these game. For me MS owning Warcraft, Diablo & Starcraft is huge. I literally grew up playing Age of Empires/Mythology, Warcraft and other Strategy games, while I am not into the competitive side of these games I do enjoy playing these games in single player a lot. They have really well crafted stores and the gameplay itself is so much fun as well. I know the forum is dominated by console gamers but I am pretty sure everyone here would have played Warcraft 3, Starcraft 2, Diablo 2, AOE 2 in their lives. These games are cult classic.
  8. Everyone is talking about how all FPS gamers are now with Microsoft. I think a lot of people forgot that there is another category of games which MS now owns completely. Real time strategy games. They now have Starcraft, Warcraft, Age Of Empires, Age Of Mythology, Rise Of Nations, Halo Wars. They literally own this genre now. Except for company of heros I don't know a single game with a significant marketshare which is not part of MS now.
  9. i_rock098

    God of War

    Will play my second playthrough on that. Right now I am too dumbfound looking at the graphics of every stage to focus purely on combat. The game looks so beautiful in ultra.
  10. IKR For middle class Indians Honda has been the biggest aspirational brand for generations. It's always been you start with a Maruti 800/Alto and hope to buy a Honda City one day. I know the times have changed a lot since then but seeing honda leave would be really sad.
  11. 13% is way too steep for just dumb retailers to make that much move, especially since Sony is a bluechip stock and not some meme stock like GameSpot. Anyway Sony is already on the right direction in terms of getting their games on PC and hopefully launching something similar to gamepass soon.
  12. i_rock098

    God of War

    Running this on 100+ fps is absolutely glorious. I can't define in words how good the combat feels on such high fps, literally butter smooth. And the best part is it does not make the system sound like a jet engine. I left the game midway on my PS4 because I legit thought my console was going to explode with all the noise it was making. Now starting the game again from the beginning and so far it's been such a fun experience.
  13. Sorry for bumping an old thread but can we please have the podcast back? The recent Activision news is like the biggest news in gaming history in quite some time and it would be awesome to listen to the IVG podcast's take on it. Can we please have it back. @HundredProofSam
  14. I read in the news that Sony stock fell almost 13% post the news breaking out. Biggest fall since 2008, 13% is huge for a stable organization like Sony. The investors are seriously scared it seems.
  15. PC gaming was big even before Xbox & Playstation existed. Maybe it's coming more in focus as both the brands are bringing their exclusives to PC now but it's not "growing" as such. It's always been there.
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