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  1. Phew, thank you so much for the confirmation about the seller. So brooks have a quiz on their website to suggest which shoes to get, I took the quiz and it told me that I needed a shoes which gives support because my alignment is not good. So it suggested me Glycerin and Adrenaline, that's why I got the adrenaline. Once again I genuinely thank you for your recommendations of Brooks, I would have honestly just bought Nike and not even considered these without your suggestion when it turns out these models are actually much better than the Nike one I had initially ordered.
  2. There is only one seller selling Brooks on flipkart, that's HSAtlastradefashion. Is this the same seller? I ordered the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22,the reviews seemed quite good. Ok i am a little scared now, how do I identity if the shoes are fake or not?
  3. Thank you for this, ordered a Brooks as well, the discount on Brooks was actually better than Nike. Will return the Nike one once it comes.
  4. Around 5-6k, intent it to use it for running, walking, gym. Basically a workhorse shoe. Was thinking of Nike Air Zoom Pegasus, any thoughts?
  5. Any recommendations for a good sports shoes which is on good discount?
  6. Any recommendations for which models to look for? As a shoe noob everything looks the same to me.
  7. This is the first time in the history of Mumbai Locals/Metro that a video game has advertised like this. Really hyped for this game even though I don’t even have a PS5. Just waiting painfully for it to come to PC soon.
  8. This kind of feels scummy that I can't do anything about it and that they have the power to randomly cancel orders ? Do they atleast give like a token voucher or something in this case of nothing?
  9. Guys need help, Flipkart randomly canceled one of my orders without my consent. I just got a sms saying order is canceled as courier could not deliver to my location even when all my other items were delivered fine. They have given me the refund but I got that order on a really good discount and actually wanted it to be delivered. Is there anything I can do in this case?
  10. Guys need some suggestions, do you guys eat or drink anything before your morning workouts? At the current moment I am working out empty stomach and have protein shake post workout. But the problem is that I am getting very dehydrated during the workout since I am very new to working out. Any suggestions what can I do?
  11. How easy or difficult is it to replace the earpads on the xm4 with a better aftermarket one?
  12. Thanks for the heads up So since these have really good ANC was planning to use them while daily commuting and it's pretty much hot outside every day. Thing is Bose do not drop in price ever and even if they do not as much as Sony. So they are pretty much out of my budget.
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