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  1. Ah i was going to the media section and it was showing the streaming app only. Got it. Thanks.
  2. Hey guys. So is there any media player available for the PS5? I want to play a Video / Music from my external HDD. Not OTT or streaming from PLEX. Simple plug and play from USB or HDD.
  3. Wasn't this game released in 2018 or something? I completed this game on PC. Or is it a reboot of the same game ? Don't recall fighting this enemy.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions. I just started JEDI SURVIVOR today. I will get Diablo 4 after completing it.
  5. Thanks for suggestion guys. Already completed both RETURNAL and ELDEN RING on PC. I used a Dualsense controller with PC so I know that the haptics are so so good on it. And i played Demon souls long time ago on PS3. The haunting music of the tower of Latria (or whatever the name was , I forgot ) was something out of this world. It was my first souls game. And I was hooked on from that time. Also i very fondly remember a marshy area where one would lose health continuously and one could not even run. I have some really good and frustrating moments from that game. Didnt really like Miles Morales. GOW : RAGNAROK is really cool. I completed the game and sold my PS4 disc long time ago. I might get the disc later on.
  6. Great. Then I will get them. Any other suggestions? PS - Is the Horizon DLC - Burning shores available on disc or is it a digital only ?
  7. How are the gameplay of these games ? I don't really enjoy turn based gameplay.
  8. Finally got the PS5 in the Flipkart sale around 38K. This is the disc edition. Do you guys have any suggestion for games that i can play on it? BTW, i had a PS4 before and completed most of the games on it.
  9. Glad that you liked the calendar. Most of the screenshots were taken by me, but for few pictures i shamelessly copied from the internet. Lol
  10. In the meantime here is another gift that I received. https://imgur.com/a/8R3TG0z Please reveal yourself SANTA bhai..
  11. It was me. There were supposed to be three presents. Unfortunately the first and third gifts were somehow magically damaged in transit by Amazon and blasted guys are yet to refund me. The first was chocolates and third was a Secret Santa Mug. But amazon screwed twice in one week. So sadly only one of the present was delivered.
  12. That's a super useful information. Lol. Now I know where to order pizza next time.
  13. My gift just arrived. And i am absolutely loving it. Thank you so so much Secret Santa !!! Please reveal yourself. PS. - Don't mind the xbox controller sitting on the PS mat. Sometimes I play on the xbox too.
  14. Please add me too in the list. Sharing the address to you shortly.
  15. joy.das.jd

    Elden Ring

    This Map gives you just a general idea in which direction you need to go. There are so hundreds of enemies, bosses and hidden stuff everywhere. Heck, there are different bosses in the same place during different time of the day. For eg some bosses only roam around only during night hours of the game. Those were the most difficult to track. Its vast area and you can easily spend few hundred hours on it easily. And use your own custom Marker for the various interesting stuffs in the game. I used SKULL marker to indicate tough bosses, Chest marker for peddlers. And one very important tip - use the available items freely. Most of the items are easily available and there are very few RARE items. So make use of them. And whenever you meet a new merchant then make sure to buy the COOKBOOK. That will allow to create new items. But if you use the detailed map then it will ruin your experience. However if you still want to follow a map then you can use this. https://mapgenie.io/elden-ring
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