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  1. Sorry brother. I don't have that game anymore. Completed it long back on PC.
  2. joy.das.jd

    Elden Ring

    Lol. I thought that I had become good at these souls genre games. No wonder I was a*s kicked.
  3. joy.das.jd

    Elden Ring

    I started this game a few days ago. and I have played just for a few hours. Just reached Margit, the Fell Omen Boss Fight. And got my a*s handed over in just 2-3 shots. and I barely do any damage. How do you guys beat him in one or two attempts. I have played other FROM software games and I was really hoping gameplay wont be like Dark Souls 3. I loved all the other games, but DS3 was something which I quit after sometime. Bosses were insanely fast and the protagonist was a snail. Even with light armour , bosses were super fast as compared to the hero. Sekiro, Bloodborne, Demon souls [on PS3], and heck even Dark souls 1 are all great. Ds2 was okay and took me the longest to complete it. I was hoping ELDEN RING wont be like DS3. But somehow core gameplay of ELDEN ring is similar to DS3. And I have to become a turtle cowering behind a shield and puny sword. Loved the super fast combat of Bloddborne and Sekiro. Especially Sekiro had that cool Posture meter. Break it and you can damage almost one third of Boss's health. Any tips guys? I think i am level 15 [or maybe 17] at the moment with high DEX and Strength. I really want to play this game.
  4. Just completed this game. I absolutely loved the atmosphere and eeriness of the game. The torch thing in hospital stage was utter nonsense. I think I have not died in a game so many times due to poor camera controls. Otherwise rest of the game was brilliant.
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