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  1. Maybe will apply for Neu in future, back when I applied for Amex, there weren't much options.
  2. Their AMC if not met the yearly spend threshold is pain, I've had mine for 8+ years, thinking to surrender it as the acceptability is very low, almost every shop says "No we do not accept Amex", the cashback in form of points is 0.5% which is poor. Having other cards which give 1-5% with no annual fee, makes no sense to keep Amex alive.
  3. GL received the courier, amount is credited to my account & wallet as well. The time taken was bad.
  4. The courier used was "Bluedart" to ship the product at my location, surprisingly Gameloot & my place are in the same city. Received a call from GL at about 6.30-6.45 or so, asking I had ordered a controller which I cancelled. Explained them that my friends suggest GL doesn't sell OG controllers so am not comfy taking it & hence cancelled it before it reaches my hands. The guy did say that GL doesn't sell dupe stuff & if I want they can ensure the controller reaches my place tomorrow. I denied & insisted that a refund be made as not interested in the controller anymore. The guy said they're expecting the controller to reach their office tomorrow & they'll initiate a refund once they get it. They asked for a tracking number, I said I don't have any, the last mail with respect to the controller from GL stated that the order is ready for shipment, I don't know if it was shipped via Bluedart/DTDC/Maruti/Anjani/Tirupati/Ganpati/Shanidev or Bajrangbali courier for that matter, let alone the tracking number. To which I asked a question "What if Bluedart messes up, and the controller never reaches you guys, do I still get the credit back, since I never even received the controller?" He replied "Yes we'll credit your account" I simply requested "Do it now, what are you waiting for, sort out the RTO process with Bluedart from your side as it has nothing to do with me, my credit is being blocked for no reason. Am unable to purchase anything because the amount/credits are blocked for no fault of mine & if I have to purchase anything i'll have to shell out more money from my pocket" The guy pinged me on whatsapp after the call and provided the tracking link for the controller which I had cancelled, I mean what am I to do with the tracking link?, when the guy said my account will be credited even if bluedart loses the package (Not that I want them to, but as a consumer they're delaying the reversal for no reason) Not going to sell anything to GL anymore, CeX is way better. --- Edit : Guy requested that I can personally visit GL office in Andheri to shop, maybe, maybe not. I didn't bring up the case swap issue, as I have accepted the fact that its in their DNA to do it, no point trying to make them listen to something they wont admit.
  5. Prices aren't at par with market rates, however if you compare it with CEX, they're at par. However would prefer buying from CEX, atleast they offer a 2 year Warranty on everything they sell. PS4 Slim 1 TB, goes for 20-21K, dacby offers for 24K PS3 500 Gigs for 16K PS4 Fat for 21K-23K
  6. Hi, Recently sold a few game discs on PS3 title to Gamloot. Packed them well, got a call after 2 days stating "NFS Shift PS3" won't be accepted, & if I want it to be destroyed or returned. Asked for a return, took approx a week to receive (Not sure is some employee slept over the disc or was tossing it around). Now I used the credits + some cash to buy a switch pro controller on 30th April (Sunday, or maybe 29th April), and few friends suggested GL doesn't sell legit switch controllers & they'll accept it if you ask them to take it citing not original as a reason. I cancelled my order on 1st May (Monday) & the tracking shows "RTO in Transit" Now I called them up on 4th May to ask what is the update?, where is the controller? (As I saw the same controller listed on their site for the same price, could be a new one, could be the one I cancelled), They said its still in transit & they'll credit my account once they get it & after a few minutes the pro controller is gone from the site. They did say there was some technical glitch on their site for 1st & 2nd May (Not sure how true as I do not trust them now for selling purpose) Its 8th May (Even the slowest of the slow courier service will have returned them the package by now), but I followed up again on 6th May asking what is going on as its been nearly a week, GL said they're in touch with courier & they are expecting the package in next 24-48 hours (not business hours, just hours) Now am not sure if GL is present in this forum or not, let me point out the issues I faced, -They switched the box of the PS3 game they were returning with a broken one (GL is this how low you get with customers?, stealing game cases!?) -I am not sure if they switched the disc (Reddit/YT does have posts where people mention about this practice being done by GL, i.e. returning cat scratched discs instead of mint clean ones) -On customer care call they said controller was shipped & they have mailed me already (However I never received any tracking number, the last mail for the controller order update was "Order confirmed awaiting shipment") - Who will be responsible if the controller is lost in transit? (I don't even know the tracking number for the package which was sent to me however asked to be cancelled even before it reached my hands & now not sure on which horizon it is enjoying vacation) -Rigorous followup required to know what was the situation of the controller (Marked as RTO in transit for 5+ days, afaik Bluedart isn't so slow with shipments) -Pro controller being listed on the site & then vanishing after the call with customer care (Could be a fluke, could be a glitch, could be foul play from GL) -Fake controllers being sold (Since I haven't held the controller in hands cannot comment, but multiple friends pointed it out that they don't have the knowledge to point out a dupe from a legit one & accept if asked to take it back) -What if I plan to purchase something (Pre-Owned) & it goes out of stock because I do not wish to pour additional money & want to use the credits which are being blocked thanks to "RTO in Transit" process? I hope others who *Plan* to dispose their warez on GL consider the above before taking a plunge. Edit : Happy to share photo/screenshots if required.
  7. There are guys on whatsapp who offer it at 5-8% discount, you can connect with them while sipping tea & having biscuit
  8. I've seen MX2 post stuff once its posted by Body Winner (Those who know, know) as it is after doing some markup. Yeah, during GoW launch many people were upset about the delay
  9. I heard Mx2 is a pure/blind reseller of another guy who i do not wish to name.
  10. If you want it done in camo print, can do, if you want in simple colored sheets can do, if you want in carbon fiber that also can do, if you want something totally custom wallpaper/image that i cannot do.
  11. Playing Ghost Recons Wildlands & Purchased Just Cause 3 (Havent started though)
  12. Thanks mate, its 100% doable but the user has to take ample care while applying due to curved surface of PS5 since applying on curved surface is super tricky
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