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  1. Mano Sankar

    The Google Gaming Thread

    Subscription fee is only for 4k stream. The basic 1080p stream is free.
  2. Mano Sankar

    The Google Gaming Thread

    Yeah adding subscription services to Stadia should be a good option. But i am not into subscription services yet. I just wanna play couple of games. But Geforce Now/Nvidia Shield Games streaming service allows you to link steam. Which is what stadia needs.
  3. Mano Sankar

    The Google Gaming Thread

    i am kinda confused now. If your are able to play uplay games in stadia via Uplay+ subscription, then there should be someway to play steam games in stadia as well. Provided the game is supported for Stadia. If we can do that then its pretty awesome.
  4. Mano Sankar

    The Google Gaming Thread

    Maybe its for certain states or cities. I never had any data cap or speed throttling. I used around 1.5 TB/month. On the other hand their mobile carrier data limits are laughable when compared to India.
  5. Mano Sankar

    Marvel’s Avengers: A-Day

    Looks like a mid tier budget game. Its missing that new game polish / quality.
  6. Mano Sankar

    The Google Gaming Thread

    I don't think US has any data cap afaik. It would work for them. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  7. Mano Sankar

    Destiny 2

    Regional Pricing in Stream. 🤩 Shadow Keep expansion is only 750 RS.